How To Watch More Of What You Want On Netflix

How To Watch More Of What You Want On Netflix

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Ryan Michael Downey

Profiles greatly improve the Netflix Experience.
Profiles greatly improve the Netflix Experience.

Netflix recently rolled out a new feature available on many of its platforms that allows individual users on a shared account to create their own profiles. This is a monumental improvement on a service that is already providing entertainment to over 30 million subscribers. But Netflix doesn’t really have 30 million individual users, it has over 30 million accounts representing millions of households. Within these individual households are people of all ages who extreme differences with what they consider entertainment.

Why should I Create My own Profile?
Why should you take the time to create your own profile on Netflix? For one while plenty of adults may appreciate films from DreamWorks and Disney Pixar for the skill in which they are produced, their hidden grown up jokes and many other things, do you want your entire streaming suggestions cue to be labeled with headings like “We suggested Little Pony because you liked Shreck”? Creating your own profile will allow you to have categories that reflect the kind of programming you enjoy. Once this is done effectively you will find that each line of suggested categories will offer old favorites and unearth other movie and television series you never found time to see or even heard of but become a new favorite.

How Will This Work For You?
Once you have your own profile Netflix will begin to analyze what you are watching individually and base the suggested categories around your tastes.  This is helpful on the reverse side too. Once you have your own profile it means that you don’t have to worry about young children unwittingly selecting a movie that has inappropriate content for their age group simply because you watched it previously nor will categories based on this populate.

How Do I Create a Profile?
Go to the Netflix home page. If you already have a membership it will prompt you as to which profile you want to use.  In order to add a new one press the (+) add profile and begin.

The first step to creating a personalized profile is as easy as coming up with a name for it.
The first step to creating a personalized profile is as easy as coming up with a name for it.

Next you will name the profile. You might simply choose a personal name or even create the profile so that it reflects a genre. You could create a profile just to populate romantic comedies or Science Fiction movies and shows. Netflix will then ask you to choose titles that you enjoy watching from a list of prepopulated choices. After two rounds of ratings the service will process the results. Next click on the tab at the top labeled “personalize”.

Your first screen will ask you basic questions about what types of movies and TV shows you enjoy in general, action adventure, drama etc. Once you finish with the simple selection process click continue. This brings you to a screen where you rate movies that are populated based on your previous answers. It allows you to whittle down the selections.

Once you add a profile you can begin to customize it.
Once you add a profile you can begin to customize it.

Did you Love Rambo but hate Commando? Let Netflix know and your selections will improve. After this process is finished the personalize section is replaced by the Taste Profile where you can rank movies and TV shows at any time. The more often you do so the better Netflix will learn your tastes.

Rating From The App Itself
When you are accessing Netflix from

Regularly rating from within the app is the easiest way to build your profile.
Rating from within the app personalizes a profile

any given platform select the titles you have seen and give them a rating that reflects your true feelings. You don’t have to say that you love an art film just because everyone at work pretends to. This is another chance for Netflix to help tailor its service to meet your needs. Now enjoy exploring programming that fits you and you alone. Once these steps are done hunting for something to watch on Netflix may well be a thing of the past because the program will know what you want to watch as soon as you log in. In some cases it will seem like it knew what you were looking for before you do. Get the popcorn.



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