Roku Announces Which Roku Models Can or Will Have The YouTube Channel

Ryan Michael Downey

During the final frenzied days before Christmas Roku quietly announced the models that are likely to carry the official YouTube channel. The announcement appeared on its official blog via an update to

An official Youtube Channel is now available for the Roku 3.

Roku is likely to roll out YouTube for its current lineup

the post where there YouTube was originally announced. The company announced that it is a “priority” to make YouTube available on their current lineup including the Roku 2, Roku 1 and new Roku LT players. The announcement goes on to say that YouTube will not be available for models produced before 2011.  This means that older models like the Roku XS, XD and of course the original models will not be getting the Roku YouTube channel. Many of the comments by the owners of older Roku devices have expressed great anger with the company for the lack of YouTube support for older models. Unless the company caves in to an angry base we now know which Roku models can have the YoutTube channel and which ones won’t.

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