Will Roku Add Miracast? This and Other Questions About Roku for 2014

Will Roku Add Miracast? This and Other Questions About Roku for 2014

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Ryan Michael Downey

2013 was a big year for Roku, which saw it add many popular channels including Watch ESPN and YouTube. At the start of 2014 Roku announced that its interface will be included on new televisions from two major manufacturers. Today the Streaming Advisor asks 5 questions about the popular streaming box.

When will we see Miracast on Roku?
Miracast is an Android answer to Apple’s AirPlay which is available on many android based tablet and phones. There were numerous stories concerning Roku adding Miracast capability in 2013 but the year Roku splash pic passed without its debut. Another AirPlay competitor DIAL did arrive on the Roku 3 along with the YouTube app.

What other apps will be compatible with DIAL?
The Direct And Launch protocol “DIAL” is a video transfer protocol used by mobile devices and computers to sling media to a receiver. The Chromecast brought the technology to the forefront over the summer and Roku included it in the update that brought Roku 3 users YouTube. Very recently Netflix added limited Netflix support allowing users to launch Netflix from mobile devices in the same manor as the Chromecast. Will Roku expand its use past YouTube and Netflix?

There are 16 DIAL compatible apps currently available for the Chromecast leading the Streaming Advisor to believe that Roku may have bigger plans for its new addition in 2014.

How much will the Roku TV’s cost?
The prices for Roku’s set top boxes range between $50-$100 depending on what features are included. The new TV line anchored by TCL and Hisense will have four sizes starting at 32 inches and ending at 55 inches. Will there be a bargain Roku smart TV in the offering?

When will Roku add YouTube to more models
When Roku announced that it was adding YouTube to the Roku 3 it created great buzz but also upset the owners of other models of the set top box. The company said that it hoped to release a YouTube channel for other models in 2014 and recently announced that it was most likely not going to be available for the generation of Roku’s before 2011.

Will Roku add a CBS?
CBS is the most popular network on TV right now featuring numerous top rated shows including: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, CSI and Elementary. CBS offers full episodes of its shows via its website and through apps on Android and IOS, so a port of that capability does not seem at all out of reason for Roku. In fact it would be a natural fit.

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