How You Can Get AirPlay on a Roku Via The Trimeplay Private...

How You Can Get AirPlay on a Roku Via The Trimeplay Private Channel, Watch TV Shows and Movies From Any Airplay Compatible Site

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When will Roku get it’s own version of AirPlay? This question has been asked many times by hopeful

 Roku owners. The answer, is that It already has. This is possible because of a little known and little written about private channel for the Roku called trimeplay. Trimeplay allows users to send internet based videos from multiple websites from a mobile device to a Roku. In our case we used an iPad 4. Attempts to replicate the functionality with a Kindle Fire and a windows based laptop were unsuccessful. While we cannot confirm this for certain it appears that trimeplay mimics AirPlay in the respect that it is only possible to use trimeplay when the video is viewed on a compatible Apple AirPlay device.

Where Do You Get It?
Like other Roku Private channels trimeplay is not listed in the Roku channel store. The channel code for trimeplay appears in the GitHub, a software development cooperative but interested Roku users can save time and energy and add the TrimePlay channel by clicking here.

Limitations of Trimeplay
First of all trimeplay only emulates AirPlay and does not yet allow for mirroring. At the moment, TrimePlay does not function in conjunction with official IOS apps. This means you can not use TrimePlay to view videos from the NBC or CBS app. In order to use TrimePlay you must be on a website that already has video content.

TrimePlay MAC Address issue
Recently the developer of TrimePlay put out a message explaining that TrimePlay users were going to have to supply their MAC Addresses in order to use the service. We put together a simple guide as to how to access this information. Click here to take a look.

How Do You Use Trimeplay To Watch Videos?
Step 1: Open the trimeplay channel. It will display the text waiting for connection. Step 2: Using an AirPlay compatible device ( IOS devices running  IOS 4.3 or later) navigate to a website that has video content. Step 3: Start the video of your choice. Step 4: access the AirPlay launcher on your device. Step 5: Close the AirPlay settings  Step 6: Press play on your IOS device again.

Screenshot from Apple Support showing the Airplay button.
Screenshot from Apple Support showing the Airplay button.

To do this with IOS 7 swipe up from the bottom of any screen. This will access the IOS 7 control center. From there click the AirPlay logo. This will bring up a list of Airplay capable devices. If the Roku trimeplay channel is selected the Roku will appear on the list.  Pre IOS 7 users can access AirPlay settings by double clicking the home button (AKA the circular physical button at the bottom of your device) and swiping to the right. This brings up the iTunes controls. Click the AirPlay button . Select your Roku device. It should appear at the bottom of the list of any every other available AirPlay enabled device. In some cases you may have to click the play button to launch the video.

Not Perfect But Getting There
Trimeplay is a bit clunky and in some ways limited but it is the first app we have seen that emulates AirPlay in this way. There are many websites for instance TNT’s NBA Overtime which provides a multiple camera angle game experience taking NBA fans straight to the sidelines of TNT’s biggest games as well as this available for viewing with the addition of the trimeplay channel. A quick search for Websites to watch TV shows on should pull up numerous compatible websites that can utilize airplay functions and be viewed via the Roku.


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    • Hi Steve. Question, what are you using to access it? I have only had success with IOS products. The AirPlay icon will not appear like it does from time to time on websites when using the Apple TV. You have to acces it manually, and then only AirPlay not mirroring. Hope it grows in its functionality.

      • Ihave an iPhone with iOS 7. I did find the airplay icon, but when selected, the Roku box is not listed. I guess what I am looking for is when I play the movie it shows up on the tv and not the iphone. I probably need an Apple TV for this to really work but I bought theRoku because it had Amazon and Apple TV. does not. Sure wish these was a single box that did it all.

  1. I cannot seem to get this to work. I’ve followed these steps SEVERAL times and a couple times it seemed like the channel was about to stream, but then it would just go back to the “connecting” screen. The airplay would just disconnect on its own. Any suggestions?

    • Hi. Not sure. I have followed those steps on two differents models the Roku 3 and the first gen LT. It could be that the video you are streaming does not communicate with the app. Keep in mind it will not play Air play apps just video from web sites. Trine play is officially supported and has occasional bugs, but often it is related to the user end, network, source website or something like that. All I can say for sur is it worked on the newest and one of the older modern models out there.

      • So if I wanted to watch a live video from TNT I couldn’t use the TNT app on my phone, I would have to pick up the video stream through the website?

  2. Ok when went to start Airplay and didn’t put my MAC address in properly, and now it just goes to the trying to connect screen. How do I back out of that? I tried to delete the app and reinstall it but no luck. What do I have to do now?

  3. Hi Chris. It could be a number of things. First keep in mind Trime Play does not work with apps, only websites. I just used it on with my iPad 4. But the order is important. If you don’t have trimeplay on before you launch airplay it won’t play. Sometimes I find myself haveing to press play on my iPad to get the video to start. The app is definitely buggy.

    Plus now we have to deal with he issue of the MAC address. I have a simple guide about that coming soon.

    • I thought at first I might be doing the order wrong so I was pretty careful with it. My iphone and iPad don’t even show the airplay icon when I start a vid. I have checked to make sure my airplay works buy going to a friends house and see if it sees his ATV which it does.
      I have tried to use YouTube, couchtuner, and espn but no luck on getting airplay to work or the timely to say something besides “waiting for connections”

  4. Airplay will not show I have done the MAC address and I am using netflix and I have tried youtube and over safari but The airplay button will not show up. I am using a roku lt

  5. uhm…. I entered the wrong MAC (the ethernet MAC as the Roku is on LAN cable) but now I understand I need the Wireless MAC (the instructions when you launch the app were not clear)

    However, like Chris above, I cannot get back to the enter MAC address seen when launching trimeplay. I tried reinstalling the app. same deal goes straight through to “waiting for connection”

    Any ideas?

    • My best guess is to deleate the channel and resetting the Roku back to factory settings. Just make sure you know your user name and password first. I’ll do that with my own Roku set up and see if it works. The process for setting up nthe Roku fresh only takes. Few minutes bc it will import all of your channels both public and private once yu enter your paw and user name.

    • Yeah. Trimeplay won’t turn a Roku in to an Apple TV. It does allow for more then was possible before though.

  6. Got it to work with iPad retina and Roku 3 with iOS 7.1.2. A bit temperamental, but once I got the hang of it, it worked very nicely. HD video on web site came through beautifully! This is a pay hobby video site. Nice to see it on bigger screen!

  7. Guys, help! Does it work on Mac OS X as well? or just iOS? In my case using macbook “waiting for connection” doesn’t go away and AirPlay icon doesn’t appear.

    • You know what, I have not tried that. If you have a laptop and want to give it a shot please do and let us know. Just remember that this method only works for airplay on websites, not apps and does not support mirroring.

    • I don’t have an Apple Laptop. Keep in mind though, that the easiest way to do anything like that with Apple is with Apple TV. everything else is just a workaround.

  8. Wish it worked. I did install the channel on roku and set the mac address. It says “waiting for connection”. My macbook pro showed that Airplay is available and shows “roku” as the option. When i connect it, it waits for a while and says could not connect.

    When i try to play a video on a website via my iphone, it shows airplay but nothing happens. There is no option to select Roku under the airplay option. Not sure if i am doing anything wrong. I have not tried it via an ipad. Will try and provide an update. Meanwhile if you are aware of any known issue, it would be of great help.

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