Is Amazon Working on a Set Top Box, Gaming Console or Broadcast...

Is Amazon Working on a Set Top Box, Gaming Console or Broadcast Deal? Nobody Knows

Is Amazon working on a set top device for release later this year? We do not know.  Though there are

some speculating that Amazon is set to launch a streaming device or even a game console, Amazon has never officially commented on the possibility. They are certainly recruiting for something. Jon Fingas of Engadget shared a copy of an invitation to a recruiting event looking for developers to work with a project that could be “Bigger than Kindle”.   Something important to note though, is that this is not the first time Amazon has put out an announcement of this type. In an article from October, 2013 titled Amazon May Be Launching A Streaming Device, the Streaming Advisor reported that Amazon had held a recruiting event as far back as May 29, 2012 with the same pitch. See the announcement here.

Jumping to Conclusions/Hearing What People Want to Hear
After Amazon filed a patent for something it dubbed “FireTube” (see it here)  it led many to say that an Amazon streaming device called the Fire Tube was coming out imminently, or at least by the holiday season. Our take was that if Amazon where to release a new streaming product it would do so whenever it thought that the time was right and not be constrained to the holiday shopping season. Obviously there was no Amazon Streaming box released in the late Fall of 2013. Now there are unsubstantiated rumors that Amazon is trying to work out deals with content providers for broadcast rights for an over the Internet based broadcasting network. Todd Spangler, of Variety reported that Amazon has denied any move in this direction.  The Streaming Advisor will keep our eyes trained on this story and followup on any concrete developments on this story. The truth though is as of right now the idea that Amazon is releasing a set top box in 2014 is no more substantive then the rumors that Amazon would release a set top box for the 2013 holiday season or late 2012.


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