Can You Watch The Olympics With Roku? How To Watch The 2014...

Can You Watch The Olympics With Roku? How To Watch The 2014 Olympic Events On Roku Using PlayOn and PlayCast

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Do you want to watch an Olympic event that you missed over the weekend on a Roku? At the moment options for watching the Olympics on a Roku are limited but PlayOn, the media server-based channel is working on a solution to allow users to access the NBC Sports extra content. Unfortunately the new extension but it is not yet available.

PlayOn’s Suggestion
While a more streamlined solution is in the works the company suggested on its blog  PlayOn using the PlayCast app to access media on a windows PC and cast it to the television, see our review of PlayCast here.  The company previously developed an extension for the London games of 2012 but that extension is no longer functioning. For a full article on PlayOn click here. For Full instructions on using PlayCast for the Olympics continue reading.

Instructions For Watching Event Replays
1. Play the video (you’ll have to log in with a cable provider to watch the live stream and full event replays)

2. Click on the PlayOn browser button

3. In the PlayMark window that opens, verify the video is playing (and crop if you like)

4. Click Next and then choose whether to ‘Save’ or ‘PlayCast To’ your TV.  If you have PlayLater installed and running, you will also be presented with the option to record.

Everyone will be watching via replay
Do you wish you could watch the Olympics live? Unless you happen to be living in Russia it is pretty difficult. The Olympics are

The PlayCast App is available in the Channel Store
The PlayCast App is available in the Channel Store

taking place in a different time zone. Unless someone is awake in the middle of the night it is not possible to view much of the Olympics live. NBC cleverly packages the content in prime time to give you the effect that you are viewing it live by using language like ” we are now taking you to the ice dancing where…..” In truth NBC is really just playing recorded content. Even then it picks and chooses which events will air based on previous ratings. Do you want to catch curling, you may have trouble viewing it without access to multiple cable networks, but taking advantage of the replays takes care of the problem. PlayCast will even put the videos in to a folder for later reference.



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