WWE Network Launches Today Apple TV and X-Box 360 Apps Now Available

WWE Network Launches Today Apple TV and X-Box 360 Apps Now Available

The new WWE Network is ready for prime time. Registration for the Internet based network began at 9:00 am along with a free week long preview of the network. The venture which is priced at 9.99 per month includes access to the WWE’s monthly pay per view broadcasts as well as an extensive library of past ppv events from the WWE’s properties including former rival promotions WCW/NWA as well as the ECW. The network will also feature replays of its current programming that appears on traditional TV networks, original shows and archived footage dating back to the 1970s. For a full listing of the
WWE Networks features click here.

How To Get Started
In order to begin the free trial users must go to the company’s website and either register for a WWE account or use existing credentials. A credit card must also be provided. Once the registration is complete the website provides easy to follow step by step guides as to how to set the network up on whichever partner device is in the home.

Multiple ways to watch
The network is available for multiple connected TV devices including Roku, Apple TV, Play Station 3-4, and X-Box 360. Along withwwe Getting Connected Pic computers tablets and smart phones. The WWE also instructs those who already have the WWE app on their mobile devices to update it in order to access the network.

Buyer Beware
Once the free preview is finished the user will be automatically signed up for a 6 month commitment with the network. If you are just curious to see what the network is like then we highly recommend that you pay attention to the calendar.



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