How to Add a Private Channel To A Roku

How to Add a Private Channel To A Roku

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Ryan Michael Downey

If you are a Roku owner who has not discovered the joy of private channels then you are missing out on a lot of fun and Roku interesting content. Did you know that some of Roku’s most popular channels began as private channels? Plex, which is consistently ranked as a top 10 Roku channel, began as a private channel and now is prominently offered as a suggested channel for new users. For a little more info on Plex click here. PBS is another hugely popular Roku channel which existed as a private channel until the network jumped on board officially. There are private channels for both video and audio Podcasts, 24 hour news channels, sports channels and more. Almost all of them are free and they offer content you can’t find in the official channel store.

How can I get in on the fun?
Roku Permision PageThe Streaming Advisor published a top ten list of our favorite private channels to take a look at it click here. Both sites have numerous private channels broken down in to categories with brief descriptions. Adding private channels from these sources is as easy on 1,2,3. 1. Once you find a channel that intrigues you press “add channel”. This takes you to the Roku sign in screen. 2. Sign in with your account email and password you will be taken to a permission screen. 3. Click yes and you are almost done. If you are unhappy with our top 10 and the selections on the two sites previously mentioned just do a web search for Roku Private channels.

Updating the Roku to show Private channel
Unlike channels from the channel store the Roku does not automatically display a new private channel. Once you have given the Roku permission to add a private channel  you have a few choices. The first choice should be familiar to anyone who has had a problem with a modem. Unplug the Roku’s power cord from the back of the device and plug it back in. Once the system reloads your new private channel will be displayed. Another choice is to wait for an update. Roku does an automatic update, usually every 24 hours. Once the system does an update on its own the private channel will be displayed.

Would you like to avoid waiting 24 hours or unplugging the Roku Add “Update My Channels”

Nobody wants to go through the trouble of unplugging their set top box every time they want to try out a new channel. To make this a one-time process  the first channel you should add is called “update my channels”. Update my channels is essentially like a reset button for the Roku that will automatically turn the Roku off and on for you without requiring you to unplug it. To add this channel click here and sign in. Once this channel is installed adding other private channels is effortless. While you will have to unplug the Roku once to add “Update My Channels”. after the channel is on the device all you will have to do in the future is add a private channel according to the previous instructions and click the Update My Channels icon. The Roku will reset or “power cycle” and the new private channel will be added. No mess no fuss. Adding the Update channel makes adding private almost as easy as buying something from Amazon. Enjoy!

If you use Private Roku Channels tell us about it. What is your favorite one and why?



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