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Streaming Advisor Newsbriefs 3/31/2014

Amazon Announces Pilot winners
Amazon released the second round of new series based on their pilot program which uses customer feedback from anyone who chooses to vote and comment on their favorite programs. And the winners are The After, Bosch, Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and Wishenpoof! For a full story on this check out a full story in Digits

Chromecast Taking the UK By Storm
This is a good time to be the Chromecast. Dongle has seen a great deal of success in England and Norway so far. The device in Europe features access to major properties like the BBC. The Chromecast is now compatible with two more major media streaming apps. Crackle and Vudu. Both video apps are free to download.

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This article is an update from a previous story published on the Streaming Advisor in September 2013. To see the original piece click here.

Not just Speculation

Amazon has  a press event scheduled for Wednesday in NYC. And it looks as though the device in going to be called the Firetube. We found pretty convincing evidence this Saturday with pictures to prove it. To see that story click here The story on Fire Tube has been hot since an Amazon filing during the fall. The company has also made a number of moves in the past year indicating something big on the horizon. This should come as no surprise as it is a natural follow up to news in 2012 when Amazon began recruiting for development of a new product . The statement contained this very telling passage.

“We are working on a new revolutionary V1 product that will allow us to deliver Digital Media to our customers in new ways and disrupt the current marketplace. We believe this new product will be even bigger than Kindle.”

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Ryan Michael Downey

Amazon’s Streamer Will Be Called The Firetube
The Streaming Advisor reported yesterday we discovered that the name of the Amazon Streamer is iAmazon Why Buy a Streaming Media Playern fact as the Firetube. To see the article click here. What we found was that there are at least two items listed in
Amazon’s catalogue that list compatibility with Roku, Apple TV and the Amazon FireTube. Look for it to be announced Wednesday. Amazon has left a few other clues as to their future moves.

Amazon Has Started a Store for Streaming Media Players
Phillip Swan @SwanniOnTV discovered that Amazon has a new store section for Streaming Media Players. The homepage for Amazon’s Streaming Media Players store has a rotation of advertisements related to streaming topics. The rotation features three prominent sections “Best-Selling Wireless Routers”, an article titled “Why Buy a Streaming Media Player” and a section for “Best Sellers in Streaming Media Players” Amazon may be positioning itself so that when its Player launches its customers will be able to find out all of the ways to use it. The implications of this new section are huge.

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Ryan Michael Downey

Amazon may not have announced a streaming box or dongle much less a name for it. But we decided to search Amazon’s site Amazon FireTubefor the term FireTube on a hunch. We did this because months ago Amazon filed a patent for something called Firetube. Here is what we found. Hidden in plain sight in the features of a product called “InstaOutlet Roku Apple TV and Google Chromecast Streaming Media Installation kit” is a listing of compatible devices including the Roku LT, Apple TV, and WD TV the Amazon Firetube as well as “all streaming media TV players.” Check the picture to get a look at the info. View on Amazon here. Another product “HDMI Cable and Universal Media Player mounting kit” also lists Firetube right under Roku and above HDMI Cords and Apple TV see description on Amazon here. The company must be building the infrastructure for its rollout. We will have more on this later. For more pictures continue.


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Ryan Michael Downey.

The journey to the October Classic begins March 31st as  Major League Baseball has its first pitch of the regular season. Fans without cable may be feeling left out with no access to ESPN or even the superstations but those with high speed Internet access and even an Antenna have a more than capable replacement for their baseball fix. Enter MLB.TV. Major League baseball offers fans a package unlike anything available for fans of the rest of the pro sports world. Fans can watch hundreds of live games via a computer or connected TV device including multiple set top devices, smart TV’s and many others. The Internet based offering from Major League Baseball is available via two packages.

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Streaming Advisor News Briefs No Free TV From Amazon
Amazon has officially denied a Wall Street Journal  story which reported that Amazon was looking at providing a free advertising based service. Reuters reports that Amazon is in fact not moving in that direction. Amazon has garnered a great deal of attention in anticipation of next Tuesday’s press announcement.

Kindle Fire Discounted
In a move we reported on Twitter and our Facebook Fan site Amazon is slashing the price of its Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HD. I expect that the Kindle Fire tablets will play a role in the operation of the rumored streaming device. The streaming world will find out Tuesday.

NCAA tournament Streaming
If you can’t be in front of your TV this weekend but don’ t miss out on the Elite 8 check it out on the March Madness app on Android, Kindle Fire or IOS and on The app is free but requires users to verify a cable account with a login and password. For those without cable USTV Now is also an option. For more information about USTV Now click here. 

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What to Expect At Amazon’s Wednesday Announcement
Unless the numerous reports about Amazon’s plans were wrong, Amazon will debut its new streaming device at a press event Wednesday. But is that it? Amazon does not typically announce one product at a time Kindle Fire announcements have taken on Apple like status with multiple model sizes, new E-Reader announcements and soon. Making the assumption that a new product line is the star of this upcoming show what other tidbits could be added to the announcement touted as “an update on our video business”.

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streaming-advisor.jpgIn tonight’s Streaming News Briefs we discus a new video service offering, a new exclusive music service and Roku’s latest entry. Streaming News Briefs offers quick tidbits about the most current happenings in the Tech world each evening here at the Streaming Advisor.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon could offer a free advertising-supported  music and video service. It is unknown how that would affect the video service currently enjoyed by those who are Amazon Prime customers. Expect more details on the service at next week’s press event in New York City.

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The tech media appears in agreement that an announced press event by Amazon next Wednesday will be centered around the long rumored streaming device. Media is being invited to the event that will address “an update on our video business”. An April announcement would click with the reporting last week that a product would be set to debut in April.