Vudu Is Coming To The Chromecast On Demand Movie Service Will Compete...

Vudu Is Coming To The Chromecast On Demand Movie Service Will Compete Against Google Play

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Ryan Michael Downey

Vudu, the Wal-Mart owned on-demand digital-media service will soon be available to Chromecast users. The company released the news Vudu Picthrough its website Sunday. Vudu offers users the ability to purchase top television shows the day after they air, the ability to rent or buy movies digitally as well as access to older titles. The announcement, which can be read here, does not give a launch date for the service. Vudu will become the become the first new app to compete against Google’s in house service Google Play, a move that differs much from Apple who’s Apple TV only allows its iTunes store as an option for digital purchases, much to the chagrin of Amazon Prime Video fans.

Multiple Formats
Vudu will be available on multiple formats including IOS, Android and launch directly from the Chrome browser on a computer. At the moment we do not know if Vudu is referring to using the browser though the “beta” mirroring or whether it refers to the integration that has been utilized by Netflix and YouTube.

Must Register First
In order to set up the app on a mobile device there has to be an active Vudu account. To set one up go to the Vudu home page. Once the account is set up the app can be accessed. Registration requires a credit card for quick movie purchases.

5 Free HDX Movies for New Signups
Like the 3 free months of Netflix offer that coincided with the release of the Chromecast, this is one of those offers that nearly pays for the streaming receiver by itself. The Chromecast is only $35.00 dollars, therefore, if one gets five movies that cost around 4-5 dollars for free the cost of a new Chromecast is only 15 dollars. If someone already owns a Chromecast it is just a bonus. If you bought the Chromecast during the first rollout congratulations, you now got it for free.


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