Watch Network TV Online and More with Plex Channels: Part 2 of...

Watch Network TV Online and More with Plex Channels: Part 2 of Our Special Series on Plex

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Media centers are great tools for organizing audio video and picture collections in one place. But if

Plex can add value to any streaming line up
Plex channel menu example. Click for larger image.

you are looking to do more than view content that you already own, Plex can add to the multimedia experience. Users can access a large group of content channels ranging from full length TV shows to niche channels. What would a media center be without content channels? Well it would be kind of like Windows Media Center. The channels are designed and maintained by the larger development community of Plex users.

Many Channels on multiple Devices
As stated in the first entry of this series Getting to know Plex Plex is available on multiple devices and that means the Channels too are available on multiple devices. As long as the channels are installed on a central computer server the channels can be viewed by multiple people on any device that is accessing the same WIFI or hard wired network. One is only limited by the strength of their Internet connection.

Why Plex Channels are Important
Plex has a robust channel store with channels that provide access to programming from major broadcasting Networks CBS, CW, PBS, as well as cable news channels  CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and many other news and entertainment options. Overall there are over 130 channels broken down in to 16 cross referenced categories. Its lineup adds zip to any set top box and users will find that having the Even tablet users will likey find it helpful to have a number of strong video apps in one place.

Great For Cord Cutters
For those who have decided to drop out of the pay TV world, adding entertaining viewing options can be a priority. We hardly promise that Plex’s channels can replace a full cable package but offering channels that share content from the NFL network, Golf Channel, the History Channel and others can certainly liven up an evening. Many of its apps have full recent episodes of current shows.

Big Impact On Streamers with Limited Options
There are a number of different streaming options on the market including dedicated set top boxes, networked Smart TVs’, HTPCs

Click to see larger image.
Plex channel interface. Click to see larger image.

(computers attached to TV’s), and even networked Blu-ray players. Any device that is capable of recognizing a Plex server is a candidate for Plex’s channels. Plex’s channels are a great way to liven up the options of devices with limited streaming options. It is difficult to find one solution that meets all needs. Streaming devices like the WD Live, which features a 1 TB hard drive includes some of the heavyweight main stream options like Netflix but does not feature a CBS app. Blu-ray Players give users the best audiovisual experience but often feature far less streaming options than other devices. Even a Roku or Apple TV owner stands to gain from the added options. Plex in fact is still one of the only ways to add YouTube to a model that does not feature the new official app. At the time of this writing only the Roku 3 and soon to be released streaming stick do. Plex is also one of few ways to view full length CBS programming on many Platforms.

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  1. My question is: do i need to have a virtual private network (VPN) with the use of plex? also if I use unsupported apps? I need to ask why? or why not?
    Thanks so much.

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