How to watch The NCAA Tournament Online with the March Madness App

How to watch The NCAA Tournament Online with the March Madness App

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NCAA LogoStory updated 3/19/14
Fans can watch every game of the 2014 NCAA Tournament via the soon to be released March Madness app. The app will be available for fans on the IOS, Windows and Google Play stores, (provided they can authenticate through a cable company). The games will also be on TV through a partnership between CBS and Turner Broadcasting which enters its second postseason next week, meaning fans don’t have to miss a second of the action. Fans will only be limited by the amount of screens and streaming devices available. Like the Sochi Olympics fans can also watch on computers.

Stream to TV or Watch on Chromecast
Through the power of mirroring fans can use their  laptops to watch any game being streamed on any TV with a Chromecast.  This means that the games can be seen on any TV regardless of whether there is a cable box attached or not. Chromecast owners can use the Google Chrome tab casting feature to watch the games on TV. The tab casting feature is in beta and can be affected by both the speed of the computer and the speed of the wireless connection. Unfortunately the mobile app is not supported by the dongle. We consider this another big miss for Google. Another surprising omission is the lack of an AirPlay option for IOS device users with Apple TV. In the past similar apps, the ACC App for instance, had integrated perfectly with AirPlay. Another method to allow users to watch the games is to connect a computer to a TV via an HDMI cord. While this is not as seamless an option as AirPlay or screen mirroring it can allow viewers to watch the action on a non cable connected TV with the right equipment.

For our full guide with pictures about how to watch the NCAA Tournament with a laptop and a Google Chromecast click here.

Streaming Reaching Potential
Multimedia applications like this show the full impact of streaming on the media. 10 years ago fans had one way to watch the NCAA tournament. Viewers living in the same region as a heavy favorite like Kentucky or Duke were often treated to 30 point first round wins while all of the drama was taking place in other parts of the country. In today’s media market place fans are only limited by the number of screens they access. For more information on the March Madness App check out the official site of the NCAA.

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  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the NCAA March Madness app doesn’t support Airplay for ios to Apple TV streaming.

  2. Are you sure that the iOS devices are AirPlay compatible for this app? Trying to watch a game right now from iPhone 5 to AppleTV and there is no AirPlay option.

    • Yeah, this will not work for Apple mobile devices…and if anyone out there knows how to accomplish this please let me know below. Even when I simply tried to mirror my iPhone 5’s screen it told me that the app was imcompatible with AirPlay.

    • I was watching the games too and looked in to it myself and updated the story. It no longer references airplay. Last year the app did allow it. The official site had no info about how it would would work this year and I made the mistake of expecting it to work like last year. I was disappointed too.

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