Watch The NCAA Tournament With A Chromecast and a Laptop Using Google...

Watch The NCAA Tournament With A Chromecast and a Laptop Using Google Cast And Full Screen Mirroring

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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

Chromecast picIn the absence of AirPlay as an option for the NCAA March Madness app on a TV there is only one way to watch the action on your HDTV with wireless mirroring. That method is using the Google Chromecast in conjunction with a laptop. First off understand that like AirPlay for IOS devices the NCAA March Madness app is not capable of being utilized with a smartphone or tablet. There is no option to send the video from a wireless device cellphone/tablet to the TV Via the Chromecast. Luckily this is not true for laptops. Using the Chromecast’s “Beta” and “Experimental” casting features Mac and Windows laptop owners can watch the action on any HDTV in the home.  This article will tell you everything you need to do in order to use it.

Chrome Tab Mirroring
One somewhat under reported feature of the Chromecast is its ability to mirror Google Chrome tabs on a TV using a laptop and the Chromecast. In order to use this feature you must download and install the Google Chrome Browser. Chrome is available for both Mac and Windows computers. If you do not have the Google Chrome browser download the latest version of the browser here.

Next You need the Googlecast Browser extension. This is available in the Google Chrome Web Store. This is not the same thing as the Google Play Store. It is specific to the Google Chrome browser. To avoid confusion and be taken directly to the Google Chrome Web Store click here.

Google Cast Web Store
The Google Cast Extension is free in the Google Cast Store.
(Click image for larger picture)

Once you are at the Web Store, go to the search box on the upper left hand side of the screen found under the Google Chrome logo and type “Google Cast”. You may get a few results but scroll through them until you see the Google Cast extension. Click the picture above for a better look at the icon for the extension. Click to install the app and follow the instillation instructions.

Casting the Games Through Google Chrome Tabs
Once you have the App installed casting is simple. Navigate to and click watch games or click here .

Next click the Google Cast icon in the upper right hand of the browser.  Under cast this tab select your Chromecast. The video may be choppy depending on the strength of your WiFi signal and the performance of the laptop. If you find the performance sluggish stop casting and click options and switch tab projection quality to 480. once you are casting you can make make the video full screen or keep it windowed and take advantage of the statistics and other information displayed beside the video screen

Google Cast Button
Google Cast Button

Another option that may work well depending on your system would be to use what Google considers an experimental feature. This is mirroring the entire screen. We found in our evaluation that the picture was of a far higher quality without any other adjustments when used in this fashion. In the past this feature had no audio but for our test during the Iowa vs Tennessee game we were in fact able to receive audio of the game. Streaming Advisor has a full guide on mirroring the full screen of a laptop. To read this guide which includes step by step instructions with picture please click here. 

To learn how to watch the NCAA tournament online from outside the US click here

We hope this information was helpful to you. Enjoy the games and thank you for visiting The Streaming Advisor
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