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Updated 5/5/2014

Plex is a powerful media server with capabilities that allow users to organize their own digital media, Share their media across networks, cue content from the video sources anywhere on the Internet and watch multiple community created content channels that bring network television content to Plex along with numerous other options. The Plex unsupported app store is a versatile addition to Plex that adds a great deal of capabilities to the server.  Here is what you need to do to add the unsupported app store to your own Plex server. Continue for directions and video by our friend and contributer Vincent Russell.

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Fire TV owners may as well make a full investment in the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon Fire TV Adds Games
Amazon’s strategy of marketing it set top box around games is continuing. The Amazon Fire TV has added 16 more games to its lineup bringing theStreaming Advisor Logo Black resized total to 176. The Games Section now boasts 12 categories including Strategy, Sports, Role Playing, Racing, Puzzles, Kids, Casual, Casino, Board, Arcade, Adventure and Action. A number of free trivia games have been added to round out the trivia section featuring sports and movie knowledge. The Fire TV offers casual games that can be controlled with both the included remote as well as a gamepad as well as more advanced games which require a gamepad. The games promise to be a major source of income for the Fire TV.

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Snag Films has been a part of the online film distribution world since 2008 and has had apps for a number of platforms for some time now but recently the free service has been making marked improvements to its selections and revamping categories and how it communicates with its audience. Just a few short years ago SnagFilms was hard to distinguish from a great many independent film sites and apps. Its recent revamp has given film fans a lot to look at.

What does it offer?
Outside of user based categories like your queue and “Recommended”, SnagFilms features Just added (its newest selections), 1,298Documentaries, 216 Short Films,

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Netflix expands relationship with Verizon
ARS Technica is reporting that Netflix is working with Verizon to ensure the best delivery of its service on the carrier. The following is an excerpt from the article by John Brodkin.  Netflix today confirmed that it reached an interconnection agreement with Verizon, similar to the one it recently struck with Comcast. The Netflix/Verizon deal is similar to the Netflix/  Comcast one in which Netflix paid for a direct connection to Comcast’s network. These “paid peering” deals don’t provide Netflix preferential treatment from the ISP’s network to consumers’ homes, but they do let Netflix bypass congestion at the interconnection points between ISPs and transit providers like Cogent and Level 3.

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When I was 14 I got a 34 inch color TV to replace the small black and white TV I had been playing video games on since I got the first Nintendo. It was a birthday present from my grandparents and was immediately the most expensive and advanced piece of technology I had ever owned. Add one co-axle cable from our main cable box to the TV and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Color TV with analogue cable was the height of technology for well over 20 years. Both were such huge upgrades from their predecessors that they felt like a true marvel. Can anybody imagine watching the Super Bowl on a small black and white TV with a grainy picture by choice? I doubt it. The next great innovations that changed the way we experienced media were the debut of high-speed Internet and HD television, which has existed for over 10 years but really became affordable to the masses (without a black Friday sale) until recently. Since then the delivery of high speed internet has gotten far faster (in theory) and its performance has gotten marginally better for the average consumer. Now we are hearing about 100 mbps Internet from Time Warner and other carriers which apparently prompts families to camp in the backyard during rainstorms to avoid subjecting themselves to the tortuous like 30 megabit per second connections in their own home. For the average consumer these “innovations” will not improve quality of life or quality of communications. Its biggest impact on user experience may well be negative and there are a number of reasons why.

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The Roku Remote App for IOS can now utilize Roku’s universal search from within the app. The Roku apps for Android and IOS have been lauded since its launch and is stunningly unique in the set-top device world. While other set top boxes provide smartphone and tablet apps for controlling the device it is the number of features included with the Roku App that sets it apart from the competition. The remote app already included the channel store, swipe and arrow based navigation, video playback controls and a feature that allows users to send pictures and video stored on an Android or IOS devices to the Roku. If your device already has the Roku App installed simply update it. If not follow these simple steps.

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Brian Fung of The Washington Post is reporting that Netflix is going to be available as a channel with three cable services starting next week. The service will be integrated in to TiVo boxes distributed by the individual companies. The current group of partners is RCN, Grande Communications and Atlantic Broadband. This could lead to as many as 500,000 new customers for the online network.

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Several publications have been commenting and writing stories based on the 2014 Netflix earnings report for April. Well skilled writers can provide great insight by taking sections of documents such as that and explaining it in chunks. But The Streaming Advisor believes that context is king and that there is a lot of insight to be gained by reading it on your own. With that in mind we are providing a link to the PDF of the letter. To read it in full click here .

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Apple TV Screen

Ryan Michael Downey

The A&E networks are coming to Apple TV. A&E owns channels such as the History Channel Lifetime and Bio. Despite the names the channels are the home of many popular reality shows, as well as Ancient Aliens and occasionally history. 

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Do you find it tiresome to use a gamepad when watching Hulu Plus on the Playstation or Xbox One? Hulu has heard you.  IOS and Android users can now launch Hulu Plus videos directly from their wireless devices and play the videos on a the Playstation 3&4 along with the Xbox One. Users need only launch the app from a mobile device on the same wifi network as the game console and tap the cast button. The video should play immediately after. This is a far easier way to find and launch video then Hulu’s word line hunt and peck method and like the Chromecast it gives users a remote that they almost always have in their pocket. Remote Control builds on the already established protocol that has been in place with for the Chromecast.