Pocorn Flix Kids

Pocorn Flix Kids

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Popcorn Flix, the increasingly popular free video app has begun to offer its own children’s app. The app is available for IOS and Android devices as well as Roku. The app provides both live action and animated feature films with family themes. Like the Netflix kids section but its own app entirely.

App/channel is free
Popcorn Flix kids is a free app. It requires no subscription or registration. The app features a number of takes on popular fairytales and includes many movies that are obviously inspired by more well known fare like “Chop Kick Panda”. The service also features classic cartoons like Popeye. SOme kids can honestly watch the same episode of Spiderman or Dora 100 times and never know the difference but if somehow you have run through all of the available children’s entertainment it will be a nice change of pace.

If you would like to check things out before you add another app to a crowded device take a look at the services website here.

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