Would you Pay to Watch Sherlock on PBS Apps? PBS May Launch...

Would you Pay to Watch Sherlock on PBS Apps? PBS May Launch Premium Service

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PBS may be looking at expanding its mobile app options based on a survey that the network sent out to customers on its email list. The PBS App, which provides full length episodes of its programs as well as archived episodes of many classic shows like the Joy of Painting, is available on a number of mobile platforms as well as set top boxes. It is one of few mobile and set top box apps that provides libraries of full length programming without advertisements or a subscription fee and has become a go to application for many looking for science, cultural and public affairs programming. Now the home for popular series like the BBC hit Sherlock the app provides exclusive access to some highly rated programming ahead of services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Will users of the app soon have access to more programming?

What insights were gained from the Survey
Questions on the survey included whether people would be interested in paying for a premium service that gives customers access to programs before they appear on TV, access to programs that are no longer online as well as past season’s of vintage and current PBS shows.

Could this include Masterpiece?
Masterpiece, which is where viewers and streaming fans find the hugely popular Sherlock and Downton Abbey, has a short viewing  window for its shows. While every episode of both Sherlock and Downton Abbey has been available, they are not online for a long period unlike a number of PBS exclusive series.



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