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The Plex app for the Amazon Fire TV is is the #1 entertainment application on the new platform. The announcement came via the Plex Newsletter which also pointed out that users who already purchased the app for the Kindle Fire will not have to pay for Plex again on the Fire TV. This is a tremendous win for the company that already boasts one of the top channels on Fire TV competitor the Roku family of devices. The Plex app for Amazon Fire TV app for Roku has a graphically rich interface for a look at our feature on the app check it out here. Plex which began as a Mac port for XBMC has gained a great deal of clout in the marketplace as it’s app has become a fixture on numerous platforms including, Smart TV’s from LG and Samsung, Roku, Sony Blue Ray players and many more. 

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Roku has a number of free Spanish language channels.

1. Roku is not a cable box
Customers looking to save money on their cable subscriptions sometimes look to Roku as a replacement for a cable box. Roku This is not what the Roku isdesigned to do. There is one caveat. Time Warner Cable has a Roku channel that works in tandem with the companies cable boxes. Customers who have at least one cable receiver can add the TWC channel to their Roku and access their cable channels via the Roku. This can be a fee free option for customers looking to add HBO go access to a guest room or another television in the home. As of now there are no other companies with such an arrangement.

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Dish Network has an interesting new strategy for encouraging customers to use “The Hopper”. Give customers access to the competition.  The satellite TV service company is offering customers who sign up for the “Hopper” 6 free months of Netflix. While the streaming network will not have its own app in the company’s hardware the addition will give Netflix a staring role in Direct TV’s promotional strategy. In order to access Netflix customers will have to use their own hardware, be it set top boxes, game consoles or any one of the seemingly endless options available.

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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

The Google Chromecast is well known as a device that integrates with wireless devices from Apple and Android but very Chromecast ready to castlittle has been said concerning the Chromecast is regards to PC’s. Today we present a guide that will help users learn how to set up the Chromecast with a laptop computer and get it ready for action with the Google Cast extension for the Google Chrome browser. This how to article will guide you step by step through the set up process and have you streaming in no time.

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The Roku family of devices and the Amazon Fire TV will be set top distribution partners for the NFL Now, The National Football League’s online offering, when it launches this August. The Kindle Fire tablets will also have apps for the new service that could reshape digital sports. The NFL Now will provide access to NFL Films, press conferences, original reporting and analysis and a variety of other services including personalized content and highlights from across the league.

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Roku has a number of free Spanish language channels.

Recently I was reorganizing my numerous streaming devices at the “Streaming Cave” when I realized that I had nowhere to plug in my Chromecast power cord. Because I have been updating some of my equipment all of my power outlets were occupied and the USB port on my television was occupied  by a Mohu Leaf Plus antenna. That’s when it occurred to me that the Roku 3 has a little utilized USB port on the side. The USB port can be used to load video and pictures if the Roku has the necessary USB based channels installed but otherwise it feels about as needed as an appendix. But upon plugging the Chromecast’s USB power cord in to the open slot m device woke from its slumber. Unfortunately the USB port was not able to charge an iPad in the same fashion but it is worth experimenting to see what else it can do.

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Service Now Available on Apple TV

Ryan Michael Downey        Story updated 1/21/2015

Tennis Channel EverywhereTennis fans finally have a chance to get loads of content without first paying for digital cable and adding a sports tier with Tennis Channel Plus. The Internet based service from cable channel The Tennis Channel costs $59.00 per year and is now available on the Apple TV. The Tennis Channel has the rights to numerous matches that are not shown during their linear TV coverage because there are so many high profile matches going on at any given time. This service will give fans more choices including (according to the network’s FAQ’s) up to 5 simultaneous live court play for the first 8 days from the French Open as well as live matches from the ATP, WTA, Davis, Fed and Hopman Cups throughout the year.

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Roku LT For $35.00 
New Egg has the Roku LT for $35.00 The Roku Website no longer sells its most basic set top box but it is more then worth $35.00 and used to sell for 49.00 before being replaced in the lineup by the HDMI Streaming Stick

Coupons From Roku’s Website
Great deals on Roku products including $20.00 off the Roku 3

Major discount on PlayOn
PlayOn is a server program we have written about a lot here. Today you can purchase a lifetime license for PlayOn for 49 and a lifetime license for PlayOn and PlayLater of $59.00. Great value for those two products.