Review for the Matricom G-Box MX2 1.1.7 Firmware Update

Review for the Matricom G-Box MX2 1.1.7 Firmware Update

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In the set top business like all industries if you are standing still you are getting behind. In lue of releasing a new streaming box every year Matricom has been moving forward through extensive firmware upgrades. It’s release of 1.1.7 has proven to be a great improvement from 1.1.6 firmware released last year.

How do you get the New Firmware?
Matricom provides directions to install 1.1.7 on its website here.

New Interface
Firmware update 1.1.7 brings a simplified interface to replace the companies stylized version of Android’s standard launcher known as the 3D launcher. Its new flatter design emphasizes portals to services that resemble the Windows 8 tiles or other iterations of Android TV found on other devices.

Basic Categories
Its basic category designations are suggestion for organization. Online videos does not contain any apps pre-installed but it set up to be a repository for apps like YouTube, Netflix and others. Recommended includes popular screen mirroring protocols like AirPlay and Miracast, Settings takes users back to the basic settings and Android settings for the device. Music, like Online Videos is a prefabricated folder to store music applications, “Local” provides direct access to files stored on the device and there is also a direct quick launch in to XBMC, the immensely popular media server program which comes installed on the G-Box MX2.

Matricom has developed a more simple interface to replace the 3D launcher.
Matricom has developed a more simple flatter and more collorful interface to replace the 3D launcher.

Snappy and Responsive
The G-box MX2 has a dual core processor and the firmware’s performance reflects this. The software performed all that we asked of it from instillation and launching of apps, both Android and XBMC. We were able to switch tasks without any freezes or buffering.

Set Up
Set up is quick and easy. Chose a language, follow directions for setting up the screen size and let the system walk you through choosing the best network to utilize and you are off to the races.  Set top box manufacturers are all working to give users as easy an experience as can be had and Matricom is no different.

Google Play Store Still Included
While XBMC may be a popular draw for Android based set top boxes, the G-Box MX2 works to provide users a solid Android experience on the television screen. When users access the MX2 utilizing the G-Mouse, another Matricom product or other wireless keyboard products like the Hausebell Mini Keyboard and others users can easily zip through Google’s entire app market. This means access to all of the popular Android games and video apps.

Major Apps Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Max Go Available
An advantage of Android based  set top boxes is that if you can find it on the Google Play store you can watch it on TV. Anything is fair game from staples like Netflix to Max Go, which does not have an app for any other major platform. With a remote like the G-Mouse pointing and clicking through the menus to find your favorite content is fast and easy. The G-Box can quickly become a hub for media needs.

Plex and XBMC fans can have the best of both worlds with an Android set top box,
Plex and XBMC fans can have the best of both worlds with an Android set top box.  

XBMC and Plex on the same system
For both cord cutters and videophiles alike options count and between XBMC and Plex there are not a lot of sharing and viewing needs left untended. There are camps that swear by both media servers but with Android boxes like the G-Box and the Jynxbox see our story here  users have the option to use either one to suit their needs.

Custom XBMC
As has been the standard with the G-Box MX2, the 1.1.7 firmware comes loaded with a custom build of XBMC  “Frodo” with hundreds of apps installed. This can cut down on set up times especially for new users who might be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the program and server.Users of course can also choose to customize their setup with other methods such as utilizing the Fusion or Xunityxbmc-logo-grey downloaders.

Launch Directly from XBMC
Users can bypass the Android environment if they choose the option to launch the device directly in to XBMC. Once the device has been booted press the home button and a menu will ask how to complete the action. Users can then choose XBMC and select “always” and from that point on the MX2 becomes an XBMC based set top box. Android apps can still be accessed through the programs section.


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