Can You Get FilmOn For Roku? New  Private Channel For Roku’s Product...

Can You Get FilmOn For Roku? New  Private Channel For Roku’s Product Line Available

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FilmOn, the controversial and popular app found on XBMC and other media server programs is again available for Roku set-top boxes as a private channel. This is not the first instance of FilmOn that has been available for Roku and we do not know if its addition will be a permanent one. But until we are informed otherwise we can report that the channel is in fact active. Learn more about it and how to get it bellow.

What Do you Get
The media portal currently sports 466 channel selection across 39 content categories. Users can catch up on Entertainment news, listen to numerous podcasts and music stations, watch movies, TV shows, learn the latest information about technology and more.

Look and Feel
The FilmOn private channel has an old fashioned Roku look and feel.  It is set up to work in a carrousel fashion. As the user scrolls from left to right each category is displayed across the top of the screen and the available channels are displayed beneath the highlighted category.FilmOn

On our Roku 3 the channel is responsive and snappy. Video and audio load quickly and clearly. We experienced no freezing, buffering or other interference and found that the audio synced perfectly with the video on the numerous channels we tested.

Is anything from PlayOn.TV missing from the Roku Channel?
The Roku channel has nearly every FilmOn channel that is available on the FilmOn website but is missing a number of live stations including: UK Live TV, Latino TV, Middle Eastern TV, French TV, Italian TV, Austrailian TV, African TV, Kasakh TV, Interactive Live TV, Greek Live TV and Galaxie Radio. The rest of the FilmOn line up has been personally varriefied.

How Do I add FilmOn to My Roku
To add FilmOn Click Here



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