Is Amazon Set to Take Over The Streaming Business?

Is Amazon Set to Take Over The Streaming Business?

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The leader of the streaming video world by far is Netflix. With over 40 million subscribers worldwide and plans to expand its European reach the home of House of Cards seems like a fast rising star. The company recently said that it plans to step up the quality of its movie choices at the cost of some of its depth. The extra fees that the company is charging new users and Euro Zone users are going to help pay for the new media. But Amazon may be on the jolly red giant’s heels. The service is beginning to develop a compelling case.

Amazon Now an HBO Go Alternative
No, Game of Thrones is not available on Amazon Prime instant but this new deal with HBO stands to be a big draw for Amazon. As both Netflix and Amazon work to gain more exclusive programming being able to offer the Sopranos, the first truly groundbreaking show on cable, along with other HBO originals like the WW2 story Band of Brothers makes the Amazon package a very attractive option.

Downton Abbey
Another major property in Amazon’s portfolio is the hugely popular British series Downton Abbey. While the show is broadcast for free on BBC in the UK and PBS in the US those who miss out on the show on its normal broadcast time or miss the short window when the period piece is available via will have one place to find the entire series without paying for each episode a-la-carte. Deals like that can not be understated.

CBS exclusivity
Last year the service became the exclusive streaming service home of Under The Dome, a weekly melodrama from novelist Stephen King. CBS, which does not put current series on Hulu or Hulu Plus, worked out a distribution deal with Amazon that made the show available on Amazon four days after the TV broadcast. the Entire first season of Under The Dome  is still exclusive to Amazon which could pay dividends for the service as people reacquaint themselves for the start of the second season this summer. The deal has worked out well for CBS. If Amazon continues to forge ahead with similar deals it could continue to grow in clout.

Amazon has Its own streaming device
While all of the services have a lot to offer only one can be highlighted by its own set top box. The long term impact of the Amazon Fire TV cannot be overlooked. Amazon has designed the layout of the Fire TV interface so that it constantly points to the companies service. At the moment the famed voice search points out results within the Prime instant catalog though according to Amazon that is changing going forward. As of the publishing of this article a search for “Booth at the End”, available via Hulu Plus returns only options to buy the series from Amazon. The same goes for The Amazon Fire TV results regarding House of Cards which still does not even list Netflix as an option when users click “More Ways to Watch”.  See our full review of the Fire TV here.

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  1. Love my Amazon Fire!!! Picked up the Fire, a small HDTV antenna and TV antenna amplifier just a month ago. Cancelled my cable and I’m never looking back. I actually have a lot more content now and I don’t spend half my time flipping through a guide of shows that are half over.

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