How Record And Watch TV Shows On The Internet Using the the...

How Record And Watch TV Shows On The Internet Using the the Quickplay.TV DVR

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quickplayRyan Michael Downey a television service based out of Europe offers an Internet based DVR as part of its package. The DVR is helpful and easy to use as long as one knows how to access it and how it works, today we explain just how to do it.

What do you need to use the DVR
First off to use one must have a subscription to the service. This costs 13.99 Euros per month. Next, in order to use the DVR for one must have a computer and of course a high speed Internet connection. Go to the Quickplay Homepage Here

Quick Play Home Page


Click on TV Guide
From the home page click on the tab labled TV guide. From this section  of the website QuickPlay.TV  one can choose to record specific blocks of time. At the moment there does not appear to be listings for the channels. So finding out what is on at any given time will be up to the user. But if you know what time a program will air you can choose to record that specific block of time by simply clicking on the time.

Quickplay TV Guide
Users can browse the available networks. (Click Picture for larger image)

Click Record
Next click record. The program will be queued for recording.

Quick Play Choosing Programs
Once a block of time is selected press record. (Click for larger image)

Once a program has completed recording 
In order to access a recording click on the tab labeled “Watch TV”. This will bring up a different guide. From this new grid click “Play list”. This will display any completed recordings. If there are any recordings in progress or to be done at a later time they will be displayed on the tab labeled” Record to do”.

Quick PLay PlayList
From the watch TV tab users can take access their recordings and check on what is coming up.       (Click for larger image)

Once a program has completed recording
Once users access the playlist any recordings saved on the quickplay DVR will be displayed. From here select the desired recording, click play and enjoy.


Quickplay Watching Recording
From the Play list click play to see the selection. (Click for larger image)


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