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Aereo suspended its services Saturday at 11:30 am Saturday and issued refunds to any customers who have already paid for the month of July. The service which has been profiled here at the Streaming Advisor was declared illegal last week by the US Supreme court. The court ruled that Aereo, by providing broadcast signals via an Internet based service and charging for the service by defining the charge as an equipment rental fee was in fact operating a pay television service based around content that the company did not have the rights to distribute.

Defiant But Defeated
In a letter to supporters Chet Kanojia defiantly exclaimed that the American people have paid for the services and are obligated to receive them one way or another. “The spectrum that the broadcasters use to transmit over the air programming belongs to the American public and we believe you should have a right to access that live programming whether your antenna sits on the roof of your home, on top of your television or in the cloud.”

What Other Options are there
At the moment there is a service called USTV Now which allows users to view American Network Television via the Internet through browsers and apps for programs like Plex, XBMC and the Roku. For more information on USTV Now see our story here.

Will we see a boom in Antennas?
In the wake of the dissatisfaction with pay television coupled with the lack of affordable options to the contrary that spawned Aereo antennas are becoming fashionable again. Antennas now come in a wide variety from old fashioned rabbit ear sets still found at big box stores and dusty consumer electronic stores to antennas the size and near thickness of a piece of paper to even amplified rook mounted models more akin to the days before cable. The difference now though is that these antennas will receive HD signals. Even the most powerful models though will not suffice in some areas. We can not help but believe that if the market calls for home based Antennas built to receive national broadcast TV even in remote areas then a company will emerge to provide them.

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There are a number of new Roku Channels available this week. Today The Streaming Advisor shares a brief description of each of the latest channels since 6/20/2014 along with our unique take on each. We hope you Rokuphiles enjoy. 

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Watching TV programming online just keeps getting more mainstream. It is our belief at The Streaming Advisor that streaming will become a major media force in the years to come.  Events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup have given executives strong evidence that people are willing to watch programming on any screen available. Whether it is live streaming the NBA Playoffs on an iPad or utilizing ESPN 3 via a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast or Fire TV Sports is leading the way for online programming.

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Roku finally noticed that there are more than two mobile platforms. The Windows phones can now support the official Roku remote app that has been available for years to IOS and Android users. Until now only third party apps had been available for Windows users. For those unfamiliar with the Roku remote app it is a versatile and unique app as far as set top boxes and other media devices go. Roku for Windows seems to be missing some key components that the app offers on other platforms but will certainly be a nice addition for Windows phone and tablet users. Unfortunately at the moment the app may have some major limitations.

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The US Supreme court sided against Aereo today putting the internet based antenna rental server at risk. The court decided that digitizing broadcast signals by using small antennas and selling access to the digitized signals was the same thing as cable companies who use feeds from local networks. The key is that the local networks receive re-transmission fees from the cable and satellite industry but do not receive re-transmission fees from Aereo.

Is it just an antenna?
Aereo’s clever argument, which had kept the company afloat is that the broadcast signals are free to anyone who has an antenna to pick up a respective channel. The problem for a number of consumers is that there are many areas of the country that because of distance, topography and other issues are incapable of receiving

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Ryan Michael Downey

24 hour news is now available on Apple TV. The set top box debuted its new ABC News App free to all users. This isApple TV Screen a breakaway from the typical model seen on Apple TV and other platforms which typically require users to provide cable passwords even when dealing with apps like “Watch ABC” or Fox Now”. The new network app also features a 24 hour a day streaming feed of programming from throughout the day. The app gives cord cutters and news junkies alike a new way to stay informed on multiple aspects of the news cycle.

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XBMC is one of the apps that can be loaded via Aptoide.

The Amazon Fire TV is has been on the market since April. The Android based system has grown in its scope in the past 3 months adding apps and partners to a list of strong initial apps like ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus. Like its cousins, the Kindle Fire Tablets, the interface is built on Android but has many proprietary features. It has a closed system that is adding apps and features in trickles but like the Fire Tablets developers are finding ways to add capabilities by side loading apps and utilities. One of those apps available via side loading is the well-known media server program XBMC. Paired with XBMC the Fire TV becomes a visually stunning voice search powered quad core dynamo.

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Jumping into streaming is fun but can be confusing for new customers. To make matters more confounding the streaming landscape keeps growing. What started with Roku and a box that brought a small Netflix catalog to the television has grown into its own full sector of the technology world. Today we will be highlighting a number of the available products awards ceremony style. Anybody with school aged children has sat through an awards ceremony where everyone gets a trophy. So as not to hurt the self-esteem of any of the products featured in this story each will be given a trophy based on its strengths.

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Plex and USTV Now Add New Content To Amazon's Streaming Box

Fire TV owners may as well make a full investment in the Amazon ecosystem.

If you want to be able to watch live TV on The Amazon Fire TV look in to USTV Now. USTV Now is one of the most popular ways for cord cutters to watch live network TV without cable. The service has a website and apps USTV Now Logoon various platforms. At the moment there is not a USTV Now app for the Kindle Fire TV but with Plex, a free media center program, Kindle Fire TV users can add live Network TV to their streaming experience. In general USTV Now is a great service for travelers, US nationals living abroad and those who live in areas where antennas are not a viable option for receiving TV signals. To find out how to use the service on the Kindle Fire please continue.