Fow To Fix TrimePlay MAC Address Fix

Fow To Fix TrimePlay MAC Address Fix

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TrimePlay, an independently produced application that allows Roku users who own compatible IOS devices to use limited AirPlay capabilities has had to add a layer of complication to the use of its application. Now in order to utilize TrimePlay, users must provide their Roku’s wireless Mac Address according to specifications given b the maker of TrimePlay. This is a far more simple fix than it sounds. If you have gotten the Mac Address message in TrimePlay we will provide you the simple steps to repair this problem.

How to Address the MAC Address error on TrimePlay

  1. From your Roku press the home button
  2. Toggle the all the way to the left in order to access the main control panel
  3. Toggle down to the settings

    Roku settings
    From the star screen toggle up and go to settings. and toggle to the right to About.   (Click for larger image)
  4. Open the settings menu
  5. Toggle down to “About”
  6. There will be two MAC Addresses listed. Copy the one called “Wireless MAC address”. Be sure to capitalize properly.
  7. Press the home button
  8. Navigate to the TrimePlay App
  9. Type in each number or letter in the correct order.
  10. Write the wireless MAC address own to type in to TrimePlay
    Write the wireless MAC address own to type in to TrimePlay

    Press Ok

From this point on TrimePlay should work correctly.



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  1. Please can anyone help me out to fix my MAC address? I entered the Ethernet Address rather in place of the wireless in the trimeplay and is not work anymore. All i see is “waiting connection”

    • I’m looking into this problem. I wonder if Roku is doing something to block it. Starting to wonder if Roku is going to roll something out of their own like an official mirroring app. There have been rumors for over a year that they were.

      • Any update on this? It looked like a perfect solution, but I too am just getting Waiting for connection. I’ve tried on a Roku LT and a Roku 3.

        • I was able to get it all working again by resetting my Roku. I wrote about it. It is quick and easy. Just remove the Trimeplay app from your Roku first, then go to factory reset. let it run its course. It will reinstal all of your apps. Add the trimeplay app again an make note of the Mac address and finish it out. It worked for me.

          • Tried your fix exactly. Still encountering the same “waiting for connection” issue.

            Any other ideas or insight?

  2. Just getting a waiting for connection message forever. Pretty sure I entered it correctly although 0 vs O was at play.

  3. I have same problem – waiting for connection (forever). Google for solution and found out there is no much talking about this issue except this website. Wish a solution coming up soon.

  4. Hey I think I entered the wrong IP address, now I’m getting waiting to connect trying reset but to no avail, can anyone help

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