Use XBMC With a Chromecast and a Laptop with XBMC Gotham No...

Use XBMC With a Chromecast and a Laptop with XBMC Gotham No Hack or Other Programs Needed

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Mirror the popular media server

Windows PC users can now cast/mirror XBMC Gotham with a Chromecast by using the “experimental” full screen mode without any special tricks, patches or extra software .This is not to be confused with the XBMC image cropChrome Tab casting feature that the device is typically associated with. We have the simple instructions to access this incredible feature here. This will let you use XBMC With a Chromecast and a Laptop with XBMC Gotham No Hack or Other Programs Needed. We are not aware of whether this method will work on a Mac computer because we do not have access to a mac computer at this moment. If we can repeat the results with a Mac computer we will update the story. The moment XBMC fans have been waiting for has finally happened.  To learn how to cast XBMC to the Chromecast with no extra programs please continue.

What you need

  • A Windows PC
  • The Google Chrome Browser
  • The Google Cast extension for Google Chrome
  • XBMC Gotham for Windows
  • A Chromecast with the latest firmware
  1. Download XBMC Gotham on to your PC. The program can be downloaded here
  2. Download the latest Google Chrome Internet Browser for Windows here
  3. Once Google Chrome has Been Installed Download the Google Cast Extension. Get the regular version not the Beta here

Casting in Full Screen Mode

  1. Open the Google Cast extension in Google Chrome

    Google Cast Button
    Google Cast Button
  2. Click the small Arrow on the right side of the dialogue Box
    Chrome Dropdown Arrow
  3. Select Cast entire screen (experimental)
    Chrome Cast Full Scree (experimental
  4. Select your Chromecast, which will be listed under BETA
    Chrome Cast Choose Your Chromecast
  5. A dialogue box will appear asking for a Google Cast Screen Sharing Request. Click Yes
    Chrome Full Screen Permision Box
  6. A Dialogue Box will appear at the bottom of the screen to let you know Google Cast is sharing your screen. Click Hide
    Chrome Cast Hide button
  7. Turn down the volume on your computer
  8. Open XBMC and stream away

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  1. I’m new to all this and have got it working sort of but my TV is very slow to update the screen and video is very choppy although only on TV and not on laptop. Any suggestions please?

  2. This is theory should work. I am an avid xbmc user, and use it on my main tv upstairs. I have a chromecast in my tv downstairs and followed your instructions above. What I found was that similar to the casting tab feature there is still a few bugs to be worked out in this. I get audio and video but the picture is delayed and somewhat choppy. There is a 3-4 second delay between the computer and what is shown on the tv. The picture is in slow motion and stops and starts.

    • I have had that problem from time to time also. But it seems cleaner on the full screen option. Google is getting very aggressive with improvements to the Chromecast on all fronts. Maybe we will see them improve this method. They recently announced that Android screen mirroring will be able to launch from the Chromecast app. What do you use as your primary XBMC device?

      • In my main Tv room I just run xbmc on a laptop and plug it into the Tv using hdmi cables. I then just use a wireless mouse and keyboard lean back and watch Tv. 90 percent of Tv I watch is through xbmc. Chromecast is good for watching youtube and works great with plex but xbmc is so much better to use as a home media center. It to me will always be the total package. I look forward to improvements to my chromecast over time. It seems as though they rushed the product out there with limited testing.

        • All of the workarounds for Chromecast are a little gimmicky. I agree that using a computer is a great way to utilize XBMC. Some of the XBMC set top boxes are getting very fast but a full home theater PC will always have the most versatility. I prefer USB remotes to wireless mouses and keyboards myself.

  3. Great write up. It worked on the first try. My one question — I have a dual screen setup for my xbmc desktop. When I cast it on the TV, only half the screen plays on tv (since the left side is my other monitor). Any advice if there’s a workaround for this? Thanks!

  4. Great bit of info the only problem i seem to have is NO SOUND tried a few things any more help regarding this would be great and save having a 10 meter hdmi cable running across my front room floor.

  5. For any one who has sound with a black screen, this worked for me –
    system / settings / system / and check use fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen. You may have to adjust the Settings Level in the lower left to ‘advanced’

  6. When I do this everything works fine apart from the audio only comes out of the laptop and not the TV?

    Any way around this?

    • The tab is labeled as the Streaming Advisor because that is the name of My Chromecast. Yours will reflect what ever you named it.

  7. Works badly : the videos don’t stream smoothly. Using Plex media server + Plex extension in Chrome works much better. Videostream extension works also better.
    When will we get native support of chromecast in Xbmc ?

  8. I found that sound volume follows the laptop settings. So turning down the volume on pc turns down the audio volume on the TV (which lags so having both is not an option). Also the movie video streaming looks more like a timelapse video (so non acceptable for watching a movie), however streaming directly from Chrome browser youtube is smooth and the audio is then TV only as expected.

  9. Nice, but do not work if you have more then one display on your PC. I have 3 and thay all will be mirrored to Chromecast.
    I hope Google will fix this to chose wich display will be mirrored

    • I haven’t tried it with a Mac. I have seen screen mirroring with a Mac so there should not be an issue.

  10. I’ve used your advice on casting. I’ve downloaded the regular extention but when I click on the tab there’s nothing there.
    I have downloaded the beta version and this works when I cast items placed into the chrome browser
    But if I open a program from my desktop whilst casting I only get what evers appears on the google web browser page that I have on at the time of casting.
    Can you tell me where I’m going wrong.

    • It sounds like you are using the traditional tab casting instead of the beta mirroring feature explained in the article.

  11. Okay I am new at doing this but here is what I have so far. I am able to view the movies on my PC but am not able to stream onto the TV using Chromecast. I am using the latest extension and I am able to stream from Youtube or my PC directly to the TV using the Chromecast, but when I play a video on XMBC/KODI there is nothing, no video no Audio is there something I am leaving out or do I have to adjust something in the settings? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    • XBMC does not have compatibility in the same way as the other apps you are talking about. Follow the steps in the guide that is linked to the video. You have to use the mirroring option.

  12. I have followed you instructions and everything falls into place until I get to launching xmbc/kodi. I’m using helix 14.2 by the way, after starting kodi, all I get is a blank screen . When I try an add-on ( viewed from my laptop) I get the audio thru the TV but no video. When I exit kodi, I can see the mirrored screen on my tv. Don’t know if this is an issue but my setup has everything going thru my Yamaha home theater receiver via HDMI and out via HDMI to the HD TV. I have 1 spare HDMI input on the TV, would I have to plug the chromecast there? But then the audio would suffer right ?
    I’m at a loss as why there is no video ? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • I have the chromecast plugged directly into the TV. The simple answer for your question is that this stuff can get buggy and the more layers you put between the interfaces the more likely it is that you will do cause a problem. Until Chromecast officially supports full screen mirroring I imagine things like this will happen. I wish I could give you more on that.

  13. Tried to set up this morning casting XMBC from my study PC to the lounge TV Chromecast -excellent picture but as per earlier comments,no sound. Anyone found a solution ??

  14. Think Google have broken this deliberately with the latest Chrome updates; the “cast entire screen (experimental)” now brings up an options box to share various open apps but doesn’t mention audio output anymore. VERY frustrating!!

    • I noticed that there were new issues recently. I have been experimenting to see if it was a regular problem before straight out writing about it. I want to investigate further.

  15. It all works, sound and picture, but the only problem is the syncing of sound to picture.

    Pc is upstairs and router is downstairs – using wireless. Could that be the issue?

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