Can You Watch Live TV on The Amazon Fire TV?

Can You Watch Live TV on The Amazon Fire TV?

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Plex and USTV Now Add New Content To Amazon's Streaming Box

Fire TV owners may as well make a full investment in the Amazon ecosystem.

If you want to be able to watch live TV on The Amazon Fire TV look in to USTV Now. USTV Now is one of the most popular ways for cord cutters to watch live network TV without cable. The service has a website and apps USTV Now Logoon various platforms. At the moment there is not a USTV Now app for the Kindle Fire TV but with Plex, a free media center program, Kindle Fire TV users can add live Network TV to their streaming experience. In general USTV Now is a great service for travelers, US nationals living abroad and those who live in areas where antennas are not a viable option for receiving TV signals. To find out how to use the service on the Kindle Fire please continue.

First the Basics

What Do you need to watch USTV Now with Plex?

  • A Free account with USTV Now. Sign up here
  • A Windows or Mac computer on the same computer network as your streaming device of choice
  • The Plex Media Server which can be downloaded here
  • The USTV Now Bundle for Plex download here.
Plex is available across multiple Platforms
Plex is available across multiple Platforms

Instructions For Signing up for USTV Now
1. First go to the USTV Now website here
2. Select sign up either in the upper right hand corner or on the bottom left of the page
3. Select Free Plan
4. Follow the directions according to the instructions (To keep USTV Now from accessing your Facebook click the x in the corner of the Facebook picture and select clear form and fill the form manually.
5. Check your email confirm activation

How to Get Plex
First Step: On a Windows or Mac computer download the Plex Media Server and follow the directions from the installation program. For more info on Plex see here

Adding USTV Now 
After the Plex Media Server is installed you must add USTV Now to the program.

Download the USTV now bundle from Github
1. Click to download the USTV Now Bundle here.
2. Create a folder and give it a name you will remember. I call mine Plex downdloads.
3. Click the download and extract the file to the “Plex download” folder.
4. When you download USTV Now the folder will be called USTVnow.bundle-master. Edit the name of the file folder so that it reads USTVnow.bundle

Look for this icon to download. It is on the right side of the page. (Click here for larger image)
Look for this icon to download. It is on the right side of the page. (Click here for larger image)

5. Open Plex’s plugins folder. On windows this can be done by right clicking Plex in the task bar and selecting the Plug-ins folder.
6. Open the Plex downloads folder and copy the file called USTVnow.bundle
7. Paste USTVnow.bundle in the Plug-ins folder.

8. Reset your computer
Once your computer reboots everything should be installed and ready to go

Once Plex and USTV Now are Installed
Open the Plex USTV Now app go to the preferences and enter your USTV Now user name and password. Without this step the USTV now channel will not work.

Add The Plex app For Kindle Fire TV
There are two ways to add the Plex App to the Kindle Fire TV
1. Navigate to Apps, select Categories. Plex is listed in Entertainment
2. Just ask for it by name

Once the App is installed

  1. Open Plex and sign in with user name and password
  2. Press left on the directional pad to reveal the Plex Menu categories “My Media”, “Online”, “Social” and “Search”
  3. Select “Online”
  4. (Note) Make sure the host computer is active. If the Channels are not displayed refresh Plex by selecting options at the bottom of the screen and selecting refresh.
  5. Choose the USTV Now App and select it


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  1. The USTVNow plugin for Plex linked to in this article is no longer supported. Are there any other alternatives? So many new boxes coming out, all are worth considering — but for me, if I can’t get USTVNow on it, it’s not an option 🙁 A Plex plugin would be ideal…

    • It Actually comes and goes. I just helped a friend install it with no problem.

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