Can I watch Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special Online? Hulu Is Gearing...

Can I watch Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special Online? Hulu Is Gearing up for Dr Who’s New Season

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Dr. Who fans have a lot of new content to flock to on Hulu Plus. In anticipation of the fall season of the long running British science fiction franchise the service is now streaming the most recent season of the show, the Dr Who 50th Anniversary special along with the most recent Christmas special and a Dr Who Retrospective called Dr Who: The Ultimate Guide.

Dr Who gained new notoriety on Netflix
After many years of success in Britain and a long stay on PBS in the US Dr. Who had become a cult show in the US. The character was well known to old school science fiction fans, but unlike popular comic book characters like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman or the X-Men there have not been multiple re-imaginings of the character on US television screens in recent years until the BBC relaunched the show with movie veteran Christopher Eccleston at the helm of the TARDIS. The show aired on BBC America to critical acclaim but was one of the first to benefit from distribution on Netflix. With the series available online new generations of fans discovered the character that had been a favorite of their parents.  The show has since been picked up by Hulu and Amazon.




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