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New Roku Channel Reviews for 8-29-2014

Fight NetworkThe Fight Network  The Fight Network is a great resource for fans of combat sports with news and topical shows based around MMA and related material. Slickly produced shows with collorful personalities dot the layout and help spread the word on a fast growing sports platform Add Channel



Ravi Zacharias

RZIM Very well produced high quality videos. Intros are professional. Channel is broken up in to sermons, short discussion pieces and audio. Could be helpful for small group religious discusions.  Add Channel



Kingdom Authority

Kingdom Authority Appears to be a group of available church links from multiple sources. The channel broken up in to four catagories of loosely related videos. All but one of the lower quality audio and video (like an old camcorder) does not feel like an authentic TVproduct. Add Channel



Burney ThompsonThe Burnie Thompson Show 7 Months of content from Christian political pundent Burnie Thompson in a series of one on one discussions concerning politics and activism. High Quality audio and video. Looks like one that will be updated fairly regularly. Add Channel



CharityCharity Baptist Church Channel consists of a live feed available on Sunday. No other content. Add Channel

Nuvyyo's DVR has a different approach

The landscape of television may be changing. A report from Experian shows that 6.5 percent of US households are cord cutting households. While 6.5 may not look like a large number keep in mind the number of cord cutting households has gone up by 44 percent in the last four years.  Why are people walking away? Because it is getting easier. Set top boxes, amplified antennas and the realization by many that 95% of the top rated shows on television are on TV over the air is starting to make people who don’t live and die by access to ESPN take a hard look at that $100.00 monthly bill. This is what is opening the door to companies like Nuvyyo.

New take on DVRs
Recently The Streaming Advisor took a look at Nuvyyo’s Tablo DVR see our review here. Tablo’s take on the device that lets customers skip commercials and decide when to watch their favorite programs is a bit different from the rest of the pack because of its lack of TV connectivity. While the vast majority of DVR’s connect directly

The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.
The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

to a television like their predecessors VCR’s  the Tablo DVR could actually be used by a family that doesn’t own a television at all. In a blog post titled Why, oh why, no HDMI??? Because it saves you money, that’s why! the company points to the multitude of delivery systems that can connect to a TV in order to share a signal from an Antenna without requiring the DVR itself to be in the same place. Tablo has apps for Roku, The iPad, larger Android Tablets as well as the companies own web based access for computers.

“It is designed so that people will not have to have more than one unit for the whole house. This prevents a family from having to use several models and spend more money to watch Free TV,” said Renata Scorsone VP of Marketing for Nuvyyo. “There is a large educational effort to help people understand the old rabbit ears work. What people don’t get is that the signal that you get from an antenna is better than what comes through with cable.” Scorsone also said the company is looking to continue to add platforms going forward. The company has its sights set on how people are going to consume information vs how they were at the moment. Now with seemingly every major information courier and technology company putting its data in the cloud Tablo is emerging at just the right time for the public to understand what it is offering. Tablo builds on emerging technology and delivery systems.

People Still Watch TV on TV But Not All The Time
TV shows are no longer tethered to TV sets and neither are its consumers. And as TV manufacturers look for the next big thing with the curved screens in the wake of the near total failure of 3D televisions, nimble products like Tablo are positioning themselves to be the delivery system for first, second and third screens. Families will still buy TV’s for a family room because nobody wants to spend movie night or Super Bowl Sunday gathered around the iPad. But what Nuvyyo understands is the couple that doesn’t want a TV in the bedroom who will watch shows on a tablet instead. Or a TV in a basement that can receive signals from an antenna via a Roku without a wire running down the edge of the ceiling or through a window. The public is starting to see TV as an exchange of information not a piece of furniture. So the ability transmit the information to multiple devices gives Tablo  a place at the table for the new media marketplace where people consume information from channels and apps and websites or even in the case of HBO-Go or Watch ESPN apps built on the backs of channels.

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Do you have a DVR? What are your favorite features? Is it part of a cable package or OTA?

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Lack of coverage frustrates fans

millions of Time Warner customers are asking the question  “Why can’t I watch the SEC network on Watch ESPN?” College football started Thursday seeing Texas A&M take on South Carolina to start the season but Millions of Time Warner customers were unable to see the game via phones, tablets and connected devices. Why? The short answer that we got from TWC support is that it is most likely due to a carriage agreement. Streaming rights and TV rights are negotiated separately. This is not good PR for TWC on the heels of knocking out Internet and phone access to 12 million customers Wednesday. The last thing the provider wants is to hear from millions of angry college football fans missing out on gridiron action. I don’t envy the folks in the phone centers.

Weekend Action Time Warner customer will not see on Watch ESPN
Access Watch ESPN

Tennessee-Martin vs. Kentucky 
Arkansas vs. #6 Auburn 
Utah State vs. Tennessee 

Devices with Access To Watch ESPN

Talk Back Do You Have Access to the SEC Network on Watch ESPN? Are You a Time Warner Customer? Are you asking Why Can’t I Watch The SEC Network On Watch ESPN? Tell us about it in the comments bellow.

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A new Internet based  television service ZoomcastTV aims to bring TV channels from around the world to viewers for a very low price. The service costs 12.99 Euros or about 17 USD per month. Users who jump on this offer will gain access to a number of popular sports channels including the ESPN family of network, Sky sports, Fox sports net, The Golf Channel and  Eurozone sports network Bein.

Do you get other channels besides sports?
Sports isn’t the only thing offered in this package. There is also a large selection of network and TV cable TV channels including TNT, AMC, The History Channel, Nickelodeon  BBC1, BBC2, TBS, ABC and NBC. It appears designed to offer a wide range of programming options for an entire family. There is even a category for South Asian TV. TNT is also an option for sports during the NBA season as it plays host to numerous contests as well as inside the NBA. In general if you are trying to find cable without cords Zoomcast TV may fit the bill. Now understand that this does not contain every single cable channel available on the biggest cable subscription package. For more info on the full package offered check out the company’s home page here.

How do you watch
Zoomcast is not like a traditional TV provider with set top boxes. Subscribers have a number of options to access the service including any device running the XBMC Media Center program along with accessing the service through the company’s website here and the MAG 250 set top box an IP TV solution. More information on the MAG 250 can be found here.  In general if you have a device capable of accessing the Internet you have a device capable of accessing Zoomcast TV.

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New device makes XBMC as easy as a Roku

We had a chance to work with the Mach 8 Pure Linux set top box recently and it is quite a product. We put together this

The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.

demonstration video and video review for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at the Total Installer and Cloudword which could really separate this product from the pack. It is fast, it is easy to find new applications and has an elegant branded XBMC Interface.

To purchase the Mach 8 Pure Linux from Theater in a box Click here.
To Purchase the Mach 8 Pure Linux from Amazon click here

YouTube Video Review Mach 8 Pure Linux

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Is Cord cutting becoming more popular?

Now that TiVo is targeting cord cutting we have to ask the question, Is cord cutting becoming mainstream? Cable executives repeatedly say that it is not a factor. Companies like Tivo are betting that there is something happening in the marketplace that is creating a new niche. Not only is TiCan I drop Cable If I have a TiVo?o marching out an OTA based DVR if a survey from Mohu, a swiftly growing antenna manufacturer, is any indication it seems to be looking for natural allies and partnerships. The survey which went out to customers last week asked questions concerning the price of TiVo’s service packages, the price customers would be willing to pay for a TiVo unit and numerous other questions concerning the viewing behavior of Mohu’s customers such as the streaming services they use. My guess is that Mohu is looking to offer TiVo in correlation with its upcoming streaming product the Mohu Channels.

Customers like their DVR
Since the advent of VCR’s people have become accustomed to the idea of recording their favorite shows for later viewing and the DVR was a natural progression. The convenience of telling a computer to record all of your favorites and catalog them is a helpful option. If the numbers concerning the use of pay tv provided “On Demand programming are any indication people prefer to set their own menu options.

Can I drop Cable If I have a TiVo? 

TiVo is a recognized brand that people trust. Will seeing OTA based DVRs on the shelf at the local Best Buy intrigue people enough to give things a go without cable? A majority of people may realize that a reliable DVR is all they need to enjoy more content than they could ever watch. According to Mohu, 96 of the top 100 highest rated programs on TV are available over the air. That is staggering. Not to say that the niche programming available on cable channels like Keeping up With the Kardashians or Ice Road Truckers does not have a large audience, but the mere fact that people tune into CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC for the majority of their entertainment should worry cable companies. Netflix already has more customers than HBO. How long will it be before Amazon can make the same boast? And here is the kicker. The new TiVo boxes will include major streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus along with the ability to record up to 75 hours of HD content along with a separate paid option to stream content to mobile devices. If you are asking Can I drop Cable If I have a TiVo take a look at what you watch and the answer my be yes.

Is the pay TV Industry in trouble

We don’t think that cable’s market share is going to shrink next week, or even significantly shrink over the the next year. But technology continues to make it easier to enjoy entertainment on multiple devices and streaming services continue to grow into services that look like personalized networks.

For more info on the TiVo OTA DVR click here.

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Armada, makers of the Mach 8 Android 4Kare set to release the new Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux. The box will feature a quad core processor, and ship with a customized XBMC skin running Gotham 13.2. While the quad core power is a major hit with this box the skin is what may set the product apart in the marketplace. The developers have put a great deal of thought in to ease of use. We have been able to beta test the unit and have found some snazzy features. Find out all about the new box in the Streaming Advisor’s Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Review.

The Armada Mach 8 OTA Updates
Armada Updater
The new Armada Mach 8 will feature simple over the air updates with the push of a button. The Armada Update Service is located under ADD-ONS and programs. In our tests this service worked beautifully. So save those toothpicks for when you get something caught in your teeth.

Easier to install apps than ever
One of XBMC’s most popular features is its ability to utilize numerous video and audio apps. The challenge of the platform has been how to find the ones you want. In the past this involved adding content sources, changing the entire structure of the skin and more. Enter Cloudword and the Total Installer.

Cloudword is one of the most user friendly features on the Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux. Users who access Cloudword,
located under ADD-ONS can add popular XBMC apps like CNET and others by just asking for them by name. Armada includes a list of Cloudwords with the box and there are more available online. Users can install all of the most popular packages of apps for their country and region by typing in one word or install a favorite like CNET individually. Cloudword will also download the repository for the given app.

Total Installer Virtual app Store for XBMC
There is no such thing as an XBMC app store on any XBMC build but this system comes close. The Total Installer functions very much like an app store. It provides shortcuts to download popular XBMC apps by allowing users to search for apps by name, repository and author along genres lists like sports, News etc. There is no longer a need to lookTotal Installer Video up repositories via the XBMC Wiki or troll for YouTube videos about your favorite apps.

Adding URLS
If a new apps source pops up that is not available through either of the Mach 8’s easy add-on options users will still have the option to add apps through the tried and true URL source via the file manager listed under System. But do note that if you install a different custom build of XBMC you will lose the Cloudword and Total installer features. The repository is still included also.

Paired down menu interface different but familiar
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux interface is simple to use and explore. It is designed to be compact so that each of its main menu categories can be displayed without any extra scrolling over. To accomplish this, certain features were placed into sub menus. For instance Weather, which is typically its own section of a standard confluence build is listed under ADD-ONS. The categories include Streaming, Videos, Music, Pictures Add-ons and System. It is elegant and easy to explore and may well help new adopters of the platform.

User guide included
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux ships with a helpful user guide that walks new users though the basics of setup, the cloud word installer and more. Armed with the guide a new user should be able to confidently launch the device and not

The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.

get lost in the weeds. But if they do there is help in the form of our next category.

There is a reason why GPS’s have become so popular. Because when it comes to directions people would rather someone just tell them how to do it or better yet show them how to do it first. The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux does just that. The most basic and yet all important features of how to use the box are covered in the Help section of Armada TX Box Guides. The guides show new users how to set up new network connections, how to use the innovative Cloudword and how to use the devices app store the Total Installer and Cloudword in a matter of seconds.

Quad core power, Linux Stability
As the heading implies, this box is fast. The system has al four cores enable to provide maximum speed andDSC_3918 performance as well as the very stable performance from the Linux operating system. New apps are downloaded and enabled from the Total Installer.

Want an Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux
If you are looking to add this Linux powered XBMC box to your home Theater it can be purchased at Theater In a Box by clicking HERE

To Purchase the Mach 8 Pure Linux from Amazon click here

The latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2 is said to be more stable than previous builds. The design is colorful and a bit more basic than what has been seen on past builds. The hope on this build is that it will load correctly instead of locking up on the G-Box splash screen or the blue glowing G logo. The newest versions of the G-Box Firmware do not include XBMC. In order to add XBMC to a G-Box you must download it to an SD card from You will also have to add G-Apps. All of the links needed to set up the 1.2.2 firmware are available via the Matricom Wiki by clicking here.

Save all of the files directly to your SD card from the downloads folder of your browser. To do this go to your downloads folder and right chose the show in folder option. From there copy the file and paste it into the SD card. Use the same method for XBMC.

Follow the directions as listed on the Wiki and you should be all set. Happy streaming and check out our video bellow.

 Latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2 Demo Video

the Delicious CookThe Delicious Cook
Smaller collection of recipes from snacks to small meals and deserts. Features a high protein collection. That might fill a few tummies.

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Spuds Trailer Trash
Spud’s Trailer Trash
No idea what is going on with this name or logo. Channel is a random collection of old movie trailers from any number of genres. Leave it to spuds. Saw no trailers or trash.

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Awsomeness tvAwesomeness TV
Teen based programming for Roku featuring angst based short series and lots of cheer leading dramas. Channel does offer something different than the norm on Roku.

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Sunday StreamsSunday Streams
Another church streaming channel on Roku with a twist. The twist is that you must have a log in from a participating church to view content. Authenticated church apps um ok.

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Users looking into how to fix the Matricom G-Box MX2 bricking problem can find a possible solution via the Matricom forum page. The thread as to how to fix the issue is available here. The process for fixing the problem is not overly complicated but it is a little time consuming. Essentially users must download a number of older firmware builds and reset the box by re installing firmware the firmware builds in order.

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