Can you watch Hulu on tablets without paying? Yes with a number...

Can you watch Hulu on tablets without paying? Yes with a number of exceptions.

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Want to watch Hulu on your tablet, phone or TV? With the latest update to the Hulu Plus app for Android, users can sign in and use a limited version of the service without signing up for a Hulu Plus account. All that is required is an email address and providing basic demographic info. There are numerous differences between full access with Hulu Plus and the new offering, more on that bellow. For a story on how to watch the free version of Hulu on TV click here.that feature a smattering of free episodes that can be viewed by those without cable and entire seasons of shows are available to those who can authenticate as pay TV subscribers.

Not a portal to the free version of Hulu
There is a substantial amount of free Hulu content available to users on when accessed from a computer instead of a mobile device, which also includes set-top-devices. While the website does not have full seasons of TVshows it does air the last 5 episodes of most seasons. Users on the website also have access to the same menus and functionality that Hulu Plus users have including searching for shows by name and network, a selection of movies and other features.  This is not how the new mobile app works.

What Do you get for free with the new App
Users can search through hundreds of titles listed in the popular category and will find a great many television shows listed. The content is hit or miss though. Some of the shows listed are exclusive to Hulu Plus or the episodes appear out of order. There is no option to search for a tittle, there is no network search or any of the other sub menus available to Hulu Plus or website users.  Users can search clips in (Trending Now) check out new movie trailers in (Popular Movie Trailers) browse and view some titles in (Hulu Kids) as well as was already mentioned file through (popular) episodes. There is also a truncated (Popular Movie) section. This will work great for someone just trying to kill a few hours. A number of selections feature the last episode aired from a given series. Hulu also has made its original content available in its own category.

What does Hulu get out of having a free app?
First of all it lets viewers who would have otherwise avoided their service entirely get a peek around the curtain. Hulu Plus exclusives are liberally dispersed in the selections especially in movies. If someone decides to take a look at the app and sees numerous titles they would enjoy it may encourage the to upgrade, which is easy with an upgrade icon in the upper right corner.

Platform for its Shows
Hulu has put resources into original shows and has gained very little attention for their investment. But users will not be able to miss the selection of Hulu originals as it is one of the categories available. The majority of these shows have full seasons listed. So the service may be able to build a fan base for the shows simply by making them accessible.

Good Press
This move has garnered a great deal of media attention. Some writers will inevitably fail to report the story correctly and declare that Hulu is now free. Its an old axiom that as long as you are being talked about its good press. Hulu has the chance to be the talk of the TV world and streaming world while most TV entities are quietly treading water until the launch of the fall season.


  1. It’s actually quite simple. Just use a browser other than Safari, and set it to load the desktop versions of websites, not the mobile versions. I use Atomic Web Browser. Just go to “Identify Browser As” under settings and choose Explorer 7. The desktop version of Hulu will show up on your iPad.

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