Latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2

Latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2

The latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2 is said to be more stable than previous builds. The design is colorful and a bit more basic than what has been seen on past builds. The hope on this build is that it will load correctly instead of locking up on the G-Box splash screen or the blue glowing G logo. The newest versions of the G-Box Firmware do not include XBMC. In order to add XBMC to a G-Box you must download it to an SD card from You will also have to add G-Apps. All of the links needed to set up the 1.2.2 firmware are available via the Matricom Wiki by clicking here.

Save all of the files directly to your SD card from the downloads folder of your browser. To do this go to your downloads folder and right chose the show in folder option. From there copy the file and paste it into the SD card. Use the same method for XBMC.

Follow the directions as listed on the Wiki and you should be all set. Happy streaming and check out our video bellow.

 Latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2 Demo Video


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