Cable without Cords Zoomcast TV

Cable without Cords Zoomcast TV

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A new Internet based  television service ZoomcastTV aims to bring TV channels from around the world to viewers for a very low price. The service costs 12.99 Euros or about 17 USD per month. Users who jump on this offer will gain access to a number of popular sports channels including the ESPN family of network, Sky sports, Fox sports net, The Golf Channel and  Eurozone sports network Bein.

Do you get other channels besides sports?
Sports isn’t the only thing offered in this package. There is also a large selection of network and TV cable TV channels including TNT, AMC, The History Channel, Nickelodeon  BBC1, BBC2, TBS, ABC and NBC. It appears designed to offer a wide range of programming options for an entire family. There is even a category for South Asian TV. TNT is also an option for sports during the NBA season as it plays host to numerous contests as well as inside the NBA. In general if you are trying to find cable without cords Zoomcast TV may fit the bill. Now understand that this does not contain every single cable channel available on the biggest cable subscription package. For more info on the full package offered check out the company’s home page here.

How do you watch
Zoomcast is not like a traditional TV provider with set top boxes. Subscribers have a number of options to access the service including any device running the XBMC Media Center program along with accessing the service through the company’s website here and the MAG 250 set top box an IP TV solution. More information on the MAG 250 can be found here.  In general if you have a device capable of accessing the Internet you have a device capable of accessing Zoomcast TV.



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