Maddy GTV For Roku

Maddy GTV For Roku

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Maddy GTV is a full Internet channel.

The growth of Roku and its ease of use is helping the public warm to the idea of streaming as a full time entertainment solution. This has opened the door companies like Maddy GTV. The Roku channel, which is added 100 times a day by users across the country has both an extensive library of original on-demand content and sports a well-received “live” curated content feed.

Bricks to Clicks

Maddy Burger is an original animated series on Maddy GTV. Image from Maddy GTV YouTube channel.
Maddy Burger is an original animated series on Maddy GTV for Roku. Image from Maddy GTV YouTube channel.

Maddy GTV was born from Maddy G Productions an Erie PA based production company. After getting its feet wet in TV by producing shows for local and reogional networks the company launched its website which has been active since 2009. Maddy GTV For Roku launched in February of 2014 and is currently on 33k individual Roku units. The network offers the sort of edgy content and subject matter found on HBO or Showtime original series (albeit with a smaller budget) but does so free of charge. And free of heavy handed production demands.

“We want to offer an alternative to corporate television. We can offer all of that stuff without the strings of corporate television,” said Paul Gorman Director of Programming at Maddy GTV. The company sees the Internet not just as a platform for information exchanges but as a medium for modern TV entertainment. “We believe it’s the future and we believe that’s where it’s all going to go,” Gorman said.

Freedom from cooperate control has allowed Maddy GTV to explore subjects that might seem too taboo for mainstream networks.  The content has proven popular. The company records 20k launches (which is when the channel is accessed by a Roku customer) per month. For material deemed too adult for younger audiences Maddy GTV offers a private channel MaddGTV Late Night. The private channel has proven to be popular as well.

Sports Science Fiction and more
Besides original scripted programming Maddy GTV produces a hard knocks style series centered around the

Screen Capture from Maddy GTV YouTube
Screen Capture from Maddy GTV YouTube

local CIFL arena football team the Erie Explosion called Reload Explode. The series has been so successful that there are plans for an Erie Explosion channel in the future. The company also recently launched a Sci-Fi based channel called the Space Opera Channel featuring original content like Mercs, fan films from across the Internet along with a collection of classic public domain films and shorts. Maddy GTV also houses a number of web series which are based off of YouTube.

How Do You Add Maddy GTV For Roku

Maddy GTV is available in the Roku Channel Store in the Movies & TV category. Roku owners can add it here.


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