New Android Firmware Code Red For Armada Mach 8

New Android Firmware Code Red For Armada Mach 8

Android for set-top box has flashy features

Armada, the maker of the quad core Mach 8 set-top-boxes for Android and Linux will soon launch a new Android Firmware Code Red For Armada Mach 8. The update, which effortlessly integrates social media in with an easy to navigate Android UI, also includes Armada’s XBMC build to create a smooth personal Android experience unlike anything on the market.

Code Red For Armada Mach 8 offers Easy Android Navigation

Users can easily access settings and features, via a simple to use navigation menu in the left corner. They will have quick access to their own media including pictures, video, music and even docs without having to navigate to a separate screen or app. The look and feel reminds us very much of the XBMC skin Metropolis. A simple quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen will allow users to add Android pre-installed apps and access the Google play store to add games and other favorite features.

Social Media Integration through Filmstrip with Code Red For Armada Mach 8

This UI appears to be a spiritual successor to Boxee that essentially turns your TV screen in to a social media command center. Users will be able to sign in to their social media at launch and pick which feeds to filter through a windowed UI using the included remote. Users will be able to quickly scan through social media info allong with other fun content like music videos, YouTube, movie trailers and more.

Users will be able to personalize their experience with widgets.
Users will be able to personalize their experience with widgets with Code Red For Armada Mach 8 firmware upgrade.

If users want to change the look a bit they can. Users can change their backgrounds and add widgets to meet their needs.

Includes New XBMC Skin
Android users who may have been jealously drooling over the new custom XBMC skin that launched with the Mach 8 Pure Linux will be pleased to see that the new skin which integrates the Total Installer and Cloudword is part of the firmware upgrade. For more information on the Armada branded XBMC skin check out our article here. To view the teaser video for the new firmware click below. The Streaming Advisor will have a far more detailed full review once we have a chance to look at this system live.

Code Red Mach 8 Android Teaser Video


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