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We recently had a chance to try out a wonderful new beta for the upcoming Android Code Red Launcher. Code Red is an Android launcher designed to help Android box fans get the most out of the Android experience on a TV and this product succeeds where others have failed in the past. While its functionality increases when used in conjunction with an Air Mouse the Android build works quite well even with a basic IR remote. Navigation is simple and intuitive, settings and are easy to access and edit and customize.

Social Media Integration
Something that a lot of people will enjoy is Code Red’s social media integration. The system prompts users to sign in with passwords from Social media accounts like Facebook and Vine. With that information the system will populate videos from your personal feeds into its video dashboard. This allows users to access all of the latest in their social media world from their TV. It looks like something in the Bat Cave.

Google Play Store
Want to add you favorite apps? Code Red provides access to the Google Play Store where users can access all of their favorite games, video and music apps as well as purchase media directly from Google. Click below for a video demonstration from the Streaming Advisor YouTube Page. Subscribe to the Streaming Advisor YouTube Page here


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Want to watch the NBA on ESPN online with a Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV? You can with Watch ESPN. The app is also compatible with the Chromecast if it is on a mobile device as well as via The app is free to participating pay TV subscribers and will feature all the action all year long. ESPN, which recently extended its NBA television package pipes tons of NBA content into its Internet offerings. Watch ESPN is what the network could look like in the future were the TV paradigm to shift.

Where do you get Watch ESPN
To add the app check out your respective App Store. It is a available for major platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and is already on any updatd Apple TV.

Can you use Watch ESPN without a TV subscription?

No. Watch ESPN requires a provider username and password.

How do you connect Live TV
First you download the app itself. Depending on the format you’re using you may be prompted to connect your device with Watch ESPN. After the app launches you must navigate to help and settings usually at the bottom of any given app underneath the video offerings. Click Activate Live TV. This is where you will have to verify a pay TV provider.

Once this process is finished just browse and enjoy. The app will give users access to any ESPN channel that they can currently get their package. So that means if you don’t already have ESPN U you will not be able to view it via the app. But for the purposes of this article the NBA content will always be on ESPN or ESPN2.

Have fun in the stream.

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I have been getting asked the same question all weekend whether it is people who know me or even those reaching out through our contact page. Can you watch The NBA on TNT Online? Yes in fact you can. But not the outright broadcast feed that you would see if you were watching on

TNT Overtime can be streamed to tablets, phones and computers.
TNT Overtime can be streamed to tablets, phones and computers.

a cable channel. What is available online is called TNT Overtime. TNT Overtime provides fans access to multiple camera angles from the games as they happen minus the professional sports producer to blend it together perfectly. This is still access the NBA basketball for free though. There are typically camera angles from behind  or over the basket, A sideline view called the Action cam and a bench and crowd view.

What you don’t get
Graphics. You will be able to hear the announcers but you will not see the fancy charts and stats as they refer to them. If say Reggie Miller wants to draw up a play on screen the viewer will just hear him say “this guy is here, which leaves that guy open and swish”

Unless things have changed there are a few commercials leading in to viewing the content but TNT does not sell commercials for TNT Overtime the way ESPN sells for Watch ESPN. Therefor when a commercial break happen you may well see Chinese Acrobats, or the dance team or mascot gymnastics while everyone else sees a commercial for Law & Order.

How do you get TNT Overtime ?
It’s available via TNT’s website. A link to the site is available in the Streaming Advisor Sports Links at the top of this page or by clicking here.

Is there an App for TNT Overtime?
No. There is an app for TNT in general that has live streaming. With that app those who can utilize it can watch the games through the regular feed. But if you do not have a code from the right provider you are out of luck without Overtime.

Can You watch TNT Overtime on Roku?
Yes. You can do so if you are able to mirror with your Roku. If you own a Roku 3 or HDMI streaming stick you may be able to mirror your computer or Android tablet and watch the games on TV. For more info on Roku Mirroring click here

Can I watch TNT Overtime on any other devices?
Yes! The Apple TV can utilize both mirroring and AirPlay to share TNT NBA Overtime on the TV Screen. The Google Chromecast too can share TV computer and select Android screens on television.  If you have an Android device or a compatible Fire Tablet, the HDX and above you may even try mirroring to an Amazon Fire TV. Users with Android tablets can also try out the App AirBuddy which emulates AirPlay on a Fire TV. More info from our story here

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Amazon launched a dongle The Fire Stick to compete with the Chromecast and Roku Streaming stick today along with a slew of other announcements concerning the Fire TV in general. The Fire Stick, which costs $39.00, sports a duel core processor a step down from its quad core set-top-box, is far more like the Roku Streaming stick than the Chromecast. While the Chromecast which has sat stubbornly at the top of the company’s sales since it debut over a year ago, depends on smartphone, tablets and computers to provide the content for the device the Fire Stick like the Roku Streaming Stick provides apps and a remote. By pricing the item at only $4.00 more than the Chromecast it looks like Amazon is trying to decapitate the dongle that broke the mold in the first place.

Deal for Prime Members
The company hopes to grab headlines with a special offer to Prime Members and maybe boost some initial sales figures. The Fire TV Stick will sell for $19.00 for Amazon Prime members

Promotional art for the Fire TV Stick presents a grid system that looks more like Roku than the Amazon Fire TV.
Promotional art for the Fire TV Stick presents a grid system that looks more like Roku than the Amazon Fire TV. image taken from

for the next two days. This should encourage a number of Prime subscribers who may have paid for the service simply for its shipping and Kindle perks to purchase the device and take a look at the massive media library that Amazon has been building.

Timing is brilliant
On the heels of a botched roll out for Google’s app-limited Nexus Player, which was held up due to lack of approval from the FCC, Amazon’s glitzy new toy will bring over 500 more Android based apps to the television. The announcement also comes ahead of another possible announcement concerning the refresh of the Google Chromecast. With Roku expected to grab the headlines soon with its first public stock offering, the everything store has acted just ahead of the November launch of holiday shopping season and with the prime offering given subscribers that much more incentive to help the company make a big splash in mid November.

Fire TV Stick Features

New Remote: The Fire TV Stick does not ship with the same remote as it’s more expensive set-top-box. The remote does not offer voice search but does feature the important navigation buttons needed to operate the device including video playback.

Video Apps: The Fire Stick offers the same lineup of video apps as its boxier sibling. Like the Roku Streaming stick before it the stick is simply a smaller less powerful version of its big

Amazon Fire TV  Stick users can mirror content from the last 2 generations of Fire Tablets
Amazon Fire TV Stick users can mirror content from the last 2 generations of Fire Tablets


Games: Amazon is including games on the duel core device which is a somewhat confusing addition. While the Fire TV set-top-box features a quad core processor which can easily support high end gaming the stick does not. The company did not comment specifically as to whether any games would struggle on the new hardware.

Users with compatible Kindle Fire tablets as well as compatible Android tablets will be able to take advantage of features like X-Ray and screen mirroring on the stick. Mirroring has become an expected feature on streaming devices and is also available via a Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick. The Amazon version is not quite as forgiving as the competition as its choices for screen mirroring do not include Windows or Mac laptops.

Is Amazon’s Fire Stick Better Than Roku’s Streaming Stick?

Until we have a chance to take a look at it we will not be able to tell. it bests Roku on Hardware offering 8 GB of Ram to Roku’s 256 MB as well as a duel core processor compared to the Streaming Stick’s single. In fact the CPU on the Fire Stick is equal in power to that of the very snappy Roku 3.

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Roku wants its platform to dominate the Smart TV market and it is willing to do it one home at a time. On its official blog, Roku announced that it is giving away a Roku TV to a lucky winner if they submit a picture of their current multimedia set up. The example the company uses is a

Does this set up take you back? Screenshot taken from The Roku Blog.
Does this set up take you back? Screenshot taken from The Roku Blog.

classic 1980’s era cabinet TV with a Roku logo on a blurry screen. For someone with such a set up a Roku TV would be a major prize. Who wouldn’t want a free HDTV anyway? Roku has been pushing the TV heavily advertising online and even partnering with Ellen DeGeneres in a massive full audience giveaway.

Smart TV’s have never really had the impact that they were expected to have because the systems have not been easy to access. Roku is betting that their platform which has been hugely popular via set-top-boxes will help build enthusiasm for its line of Smart TV’s. If the format manages to take off it would be the first to be hugely successful. Most of the numbers concerning smart TV’s say that people who own them do not even use the Internet connectivity to access the included apps.

To see the Roku Blog contest post click here.

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The Kodi Foundation which began as the XBMC foundation launched in order to provide home theater gurus an easy to use computer based media center front end/interface for their media. As its popularity has grown it has been finding its way on to set-top-boxes, dongles and other media delivery systems. Stable XBMC based set-top-boxes have become a sought after commodity as developers race to push out products that allow consumers to add XBMC to their TV screens without involving a tower PC or Laptop. Some developers and vendors looking for an edge have been selling some of these XBMC set-top-boxes with numerous multimedia apps pre-loaded on to the machines profiting from a modest markup. Kodi wants this to stop and it is taking measure to do so.

Collection of documentary and reality material. Some of it leans towards black helicopter conspiracy thinking and when I say leans I mean there might as well be a black helicopter in its logo. Other content is meant to be educational. Small but promising. Would like to see more only about 20 titles.
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IntelivideoInteli Video
Business tool for video content creators. Not really meant to be used as an entertainment channel as much as an interface for those who are already members of a service. Reminds me of the signs channel we took a look at recently. Don’t really even know why this is in the channel store.
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The StarlostThe Starlost
Channel housing a forgotten 1970’s scifi series the Star Lost. This is a show that would be jeluous of the amazin effects from Tom Baker’s Dr. Who. Not a channel as much as it is a show. Very campy which is coming in to vogue. This show has hipsters and drinking game written all over it.
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Toontime HDToontime HD
Misleading name guys. The content is hardly HD quality. The content is a throwback to 1960-70s Saturday morning content. Another option for those looking for constant streaming options on the Roku. You may even uncover a forgotten gem, but it may take a great deal of dredging to do so.
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Cloudwords For Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux help customize XBMC in seconds. The makers of the Armada Mach8 Pure Linux box have made number of Cloudwords available but the creative XBMC development community has been hard at work creating packages using Cloudword. Here is a list of new cloud words for ArmadaMach 8 we received from a reader.  
Live TV



Multiple Channel Packs
123 = maxpack
12 = minpack
jello = jello package

repo = popular repo pack
r = popular repo pack

Adult Cloud Words
xx = VideoDevil
xxx = Adult Suite
xxxgay = Adult Gay

Popular individual Apps
1channel = 1Channel
1c = 1Channel

istream = iStream
is = iStream
mashup = Mash Up
icefilms = IceFilms
projectfreetv = Project Free Tv

On Screen TV Guide
dixie = ON TAPP TV Guide (formerly TV Guide Dixie)

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Americans use Hulu to catch up on their favorite TV shows.

Will Fox be able to cash in with a website just for the Simpsons? This will be a very interesting development to observe over the next year. The animated series which started as counter cultural has become part of the lexicon of a generation has been given its own website. The Simpsons Website Simpsons World houses every single episode of the series.