Netflix Becoming A True Media Giant With Exclusive Movie Deals

Netflix Becoming A True Media Giant With Exclusive Movie Deals

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Netflix is poised to become a bigger player in the digital marketplace going forward. The company this week has announced two major developments including being the exclusive home of four new films produced by Adam Sandler and Happy Madison productions as well as a deal to digitally distribute a sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the martial arts film that caught the country by storm in 2000.

Netflix already has over 50 million subscribers worldwide, which is more subscribers than HBO. The company is quickly morphing from an online service to an online television network with its own original shows and now original movies on the way. It is also throwing it’s weight around in the net neutrality debate sounding off on the Comcast-Time Warner cable merger and working to educate the public as to how digital distribution works at the highest levels.

At only $9.99 for new subscribers, and even less for long-time users there is no mystery as to why Netflix is so popular. By providing libraries of popular shows Netflix essentially replaces syndication for people who want to catch up on series that are no longer on the air, or even catch the show everybody was talking about at work all year. Netflix is the perfect option for those who might miss the first month of a serialized drama like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead because of a busy schedule. If the show it’s tough to pick up on in the middle of the season all anybody has to do is wait a bit until the show was on Netflix. Then they can get to know the series and look forward to its debut in the fall.



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