How do you Mirror On Roku 3 and Streaming Stick?

How do you Mirror On Roku 3 and Streaming Stick?

Chromecast now has no advantage over Roku

Roku's can mirror Windows and Android devices.

At the Streaming Advisor household we do not have Android devices. So unfortunately we were not able to try out screen mirroring with an Android device. But we do have Windows 8.1 laptops. And as soon as Roku’s 5.6 update was available we dove in to mirroring. and have put together this guide to show you how to do it too. This might look complicated but it is actually quite easy if you follow the steps bellow. The first set of explains how to set up your Roku 3 or streaming stick to enable mirroring. The second set of instructions explains how to enable your computer for mirroring. After that its up to you to decide what is mirrored. And just in case you are wondering, Yes you can mirror XBMC from a computer to the Roku using this method.

How do you Mirror On Roku

On your Roku 3 or Streaming Stick

Go to system updateRoku Mirroring 2 Home page

Press the Home Button

Select Settings and press ok

Toggle to System update

Press ok

Confirm that you have software build 5.6

If you do not have at least software build 5.6 press ok and the system will update (system will restart after new firmware is installed).

After your Roku reboots

Press the home button

Toggle to Settings and press ok

Toggle to screen Mirroring (beta)

Roku Mirroring Settings

Press OK

Select Enable Screen Mirroring and press OK

In Windows 8.1

Go to the Start menu by pressing the Windows start button on the keyboard

Go to search

Type Device Settings

Roku Mirroring Device Settings search

Select Device Settings with your mouse

On the next screen Sslect Add a device By clicking the plus symbol

Roku Mirroring Add Devices

Select your Roku 3 or streaming stick

Roku Mirroring select Roku 3

Your Roku will launch a big purple Beta screen

Roku Mirroring 4 Beta Screen

Next you will see a launch status screen

Roku mirroring 3 Launch

Now you should be mirroring

Now Go Impress your friends

Roku Mirroring Video


  1. My roku3 (4200) stops part way through the launch screen. After a minute or so, the screen goes back to my channels. The device image on my laptop is greyed out and will not connect.

  2. Does this work with roku 1?

    When mirrored do you have to have roku/computer attached to watch through roku, or can I detach from computer and watch xbmc thru roku only? Hope this makes sense.

    • It’s just what is on your computer screen. It doesn’t side load or anything. But it works. I have used it myself. Start it up, put the computer aside and enjoy.

    • Windows 10 has had a lot of trouble with mirroring. The last time I checked it did not. I kept Windows 8 because of that.

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