How To Watch ESPN Without Cable With Dish

How To Watch ESPN Without Cable With Dish

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Question of How To Watch ESPN Without Cable With Dish

Dish Network’s new Internet offering will be aimed at men who like sports and live in apartments. This is according to Chairman Charlie Ergen. In an article from Fierce Cable Ergen said that the service will cost 30 dollars and be a slimmed down TV package. This idea is spot on for so many reasons and may become a major force in streaming and television. And there are a few major factors that will make it so.

Not Trying to Fully Replace Traditional Cable
Dish has three major channel lineup agreements and may not need much else. By delivering the entire lineup of ESPN channels minus the fat that comes along with a full cable package the satellite company is hand-delivering the very package that men have been pining for around the water cooler for 20 years. Dish is probably betting that a young man in his first apartment doesn’t want or need Nickelodeon or Discovery Health. In a separate development Dish has also floated the idea that broadcast network channels like CBS, NBC, CW, Fox, and ABC would not be included on the service unless subscribers decided to add them separately. By doing this Dish can avoid getting into damaging bidding wars with the networks over retransmission fees like the one his summer that threatened to black out NFL games across the country. By Sticking to some of the most popular and high performing channels on TV Dish is looking to give subscribers the things that interest them without pretending to offer value through bundling.

What Channels are offered On Dish’s OTT Service?

HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, Great American Country channels, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, Lifetime, History, LMN, FYI (which replaces Bio), H2, History en Español, Crime + Investigation and Military History.



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