Tablo Apps Now Reach All Screens

Tablo Apps Now Reach All Screens

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo users can now access their live TV and DVR content on almost any wireless device. Tablo recently expanded its app lineup to include downloadable web apps for IOS and Android smart phones. The company already offered apps for iPad’s, Amazon Fire Tablets and Android Tablets. Combine that with the Roku private channel, the computer based web app and the unofficial but very good Plex app and it looks like Tablo can be accessed on nearly any device in some way shape or form.

Though the apps are web based they are still accessed via their respective app

The Tablo web app for mobile phones gives users one more screen for quiet private viewing.
The Tablo web app for mobile phones gives users one more screen for quiet private viewing.

stores. For instance IOS users must first download the the app from the app store, then sync it with their Tablo unit. Once the web app is downloaded and set up it performs just like any other application on the device. It has its own touch based interface and does not show a URL at the top of the screen.

Tabo Apps
Roku Private Channel-
The Roku Private channel app accesses the Tablo and creates a simple interface for users to access live TV and recorded content. It is not as rich as the apps for mobile devices but gets the job done. Keep in mind though that the Roku App is not available from the Roku Channel Store. It is available though through Tablo’s website. We will provide a link to the apps section of Tablo’s site below.

Mobile apps for Tablets- The Fire Tablet, IOS and Android apps basically transform the tablet into a viewing screen from over the air signals. They have easy to navigate touch based GUI’s and provide access to the recordings from an external source. There are some limitations such as OS compatibility but for devices that meet the company’s specs they perform admirably.

Plex-The Plex app is not an official app. It was created by a Tablo fan for use on Plex but having used it I have to say that it gets the job done quite well. The app sets up a block based look with  basic icons for the key functions and allows users to chose the over the air station to view and even creates a nifty interface. While not as quick as the other options it is great way to access Tablo from a device like the Fire TV or Fire Stick which do not have a Tablo app at the time of this writing.

Tablo for Computers-Tablo’s web based app for computers is similar to the tablet apps except that it is set up with menus that work better for users with a mouse or touch pad. It creates a solid experience for those using a computer, and of course will provide users a larger screen than any Tablet.

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