Adult Empire Reaching out to Roku Users Through Private Channels

Adult Empire Reaching out to Roku Users Through Private Channels

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Adult Empire Unlimited offers 2 day trial packages for 2.99.

While Roku does not have an adult section in their expansive channel store it allows developers to develop private channels and that is exactly what Adult Empire Unlimited has done. The channel which adds new videos 7 days a week is available to members of its monthly “Unlimited” subscription based service. For as little as $0.50 a day (for year long subscribers) the company offers over 27,000 full movies and discounts on merchandise available on the company’s website. Because of the way it is organized some have called Adult Empire unlimited a Netflix for porn. So the question of is there adult content on Roku is yes and no. It is certainly not in the public channel store, but the company appears to condone it through unofficial channels.

Adult channels on Roku continue track record of the adult industry in mass media

The adult industry has been present in the mass media since there has been a mass media and as video delivery has evolved from the movie screen to TVAdult Empire Dani screens adult entertainment has evolved with it. According to many it has heavily influenced the home video industry by picking favorites effectively ending the debate between Betamax and VHS as well as HD DVD’s and Bluray. Now that the trend is rocketing towards online on demand instant content, companies like Adult Empire Unlimited have begun positioning themselves to be a landing place for those searching for adult content on Roku which has been quietly mainstreaming viewing Internet content on TV screens since 2008.

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