Which Devices are compatible With The Android TV Launcher?

Which Devices are compatible With The Android TV Launcher?

So the Android TV launcher is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Sort of. Go ahead and search for it. As of this writing you will not find it in the return results. When the launcher was announced millions of people with Android based set top boxes rejoiced expecting that a Nexus Player styled GUI was on its way to their device. This is not the case. I have at least 7 different Android set top boxes. None is compatible with the Android TV Launcher. This includes the my quad core devices the G-Box Q, Ugoos UT3, and the Armada Mach 8 Android. so lets set the record straight.

Where can I download the Android TV Launcher

Nexus Player Feature Image
The Android TV Launcher is only compatible with the Google Nexus Player and the ADT-1.

Add the Android TV Launcher here

Compatible devices

The Nexus Player


What about my device?
At this point nothing else seems to be supported. If you are asking “what is the ADT-1?” you are not alone. It stands for (Android TV Developer Kit) and is less a media player and more of a hobby device for electronics and streaming wonks who love playing with firmware and settings configurations. For the most part the only people who have the device are developers who attended the 2014 Google developers conference.

The Takeaway
So what Google has rolled out is an app that can be added to the two devices that already support it. According to buzz leading up to the Consumer Electronics Show or CES there will be more Android TV devices launched but here is the problem. Unless Google puts out a truly compelling platform or drastically improves the offering available at the moment all we will see at CES is a bunch of TV’s and Consoles that nobody will purchase.


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