Free Amazon Apps For Christmas

Free Amazon Apps For Christmas

Games and Movies will be at the forefront

Amazon is giving away a number of Free Amazon apps, paid apps for free starting on Christmas Day. The giveaway includes titles from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, Sega of America Half Brick studios and others.  On Monday Amazon started also offering reduced in-game purchases for a number of titles that require cash for added options like weapons upgrades etc. There are also deals on streaming purchases. The company is selling holiday based titles for 50% off. Shorts like how the Grinch stole Christmas and full motion pictures like The Polar Express. This is all obviously a major push for their devices.

Amazon has been the most aggressive company by far this holiday season with aggressive advertising during football games in print and on the Internet. We think it’s no coincidence that the company added HBO Go a week ago because it put more focus on Amazon while people were out shopping for new streaming products.

Why the Games? It’s all about the controller
There was a great deal of buzz when Amazon Launched the Fire TV it lunch with a number of video game titles available. The hope behind putting games on a streaming device is that people will begin to think of something like the Amazon Fire TV or the Nexus player as an inexpensive family game option. No streaming box can compete with the types of games one would find on a PlayStation 3 and 4 or Xbox or even a Nintendo Wii-U. But the graphics and performance from these games is equal to older generation consoles (Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis) and offers inexpensive options for people just looking to have a good time without making a major investment. There is also the retro appeal for those who grew up playing with Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Amazon must be hoping that by putting so many game titles out there especially higher-end games that people will choose to download the games and then buy the Amazon controller which did not ship with the product. If it gives away 50 games but millions of people buy a $40 controller that is going to be a major windfall for Amazon after the Christmas. And there are not many retailers that break the bank after Christmas.

When does the game sale start?
Amazon will be in selling the game bundles on December 24 through December 26.



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