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Alright folks. House Of Cards Season 3 is now live on Netflix. The Political drama staring Kevin Spacy is rolling out at a time when many prime time shows on traditional networks are either wrapping up for good, for the season or at least for a short break. Its timing is so good we have to wonder if it is not a coincidence at all. Either way there could very well be a great deal of binging all across the Netflix world and nobody will be using a funnel. The wait is over Frank fans. See no spoilers.

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Kodi has a lot of popular uses but one of the fastest growing functions on Kodi’s platform is IPTV Streams. They are highly sought after services but can be difficult to set up. We were informed of a new way to set up the Stalker PVR service recently and took at look at it. See the video bellow to check out what we found out.

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The FCC passed a highly anticipated ruling today that classifies the Internet as a public utility and enforces tough Net Neutrality rules that will prevent the major companies who control most of the broadband access in the US from allowing major companies to get a leg up on competition from smaller operations.

Could be good for new Net businesses

Enforcing “Net Neutrality” will prevent Internet providers from offering companies with more money to invest the ability to increase the performance of their service over smaller less wealthy companies. For instance this decision prevents companies like Netflix or YouTube (which have mountains of cash) from being able to offer substantially higher video performance than say a video blogging service like The Streaming Advisor or an independent internet based video service like MaddygTV click here for link .

The public had to be educated
Part of the credit for the thrust behind this decision has got to go to the people who eloquently informed the public on Net Neutrality. Two great examples of public education on this matter came from HBO’s John Oliver and YouTube educator GCP Grey. Check out both of their excellent  takes here

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Watch ESPN, the streaming app from the biggest name in TV sports is now available for a number of new customers. Direct TV customers who have been left in the cold can now access the service through apps on multiple devices and set top boxes. Another major platform that now has access to Watch ESPN in the Roku TV Platform. Not to be confused with the numerous Roku set-top boxes the Roku TV’s which are HD TV’s with the Roku interface integrated, had not been able to access the live sports streaming service until now.

What do I need to use Watch ESPN?

A computer, streaming device, or wireless device (tablet or smart phone)
For a full listing of Watch ESPN Apps including game consoles  Click Here

To access Watch ESPN users must have access to a participating TV provider password and user name.

The Plex App lads great on the New Roku Streaming Stick.

Plex, which has long been one of the most popular channels on Roku is rolling out an update for Plex Pass members that spruces up the look of the channel. The new channel look features an interface with an emphasis on visual layout that takes advantage of your TV screen replacing the more blocky look of the current interface. Other features include:

Movie Trailers

Media hubs make your media easier to access.
Media hubs make your media easier to access.

Do you have an extensive collection of movies uploaded to your home Network? Plex’s new Roku app will now match those movies with their film trailers. This provides a more Blu-ray like experience for viewers.

More Parental Control
Users can restrict what content can be viewed and by whom by using multiple accounts. This should be a welcome addition.

Will my Roku be able to get it?
The New channel is currently supported by 1/2/3, Roku Stick, and Roku TV.

For more info check out the Plex Blog here

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I love the creativity of the movie business. Since I have been old enough to drive a dark theater whether on a crowded premier night or a nearly empty matinee has been my favorite escape. But alas other obligations called me away Sunday evening. So while I hope that you found our article on how to watch the Oscars live online helpful, but if you are like myself and did not see the event unfold you still have a chance to enjoy the show which features the witticism’s of Neil Patrick Harris, wonderful musical performances including a heartbreaking performance by Tim McGraw and all the awards that didn’t get press. You may know what won best picture if you listened to the radio morning shows or heard the gossip at work but there is plenty to take in if the Hollywood scene is your thing. After all its how many who frequent this site watch everything else. 🙂

Stream On

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Want a replay of the event? See our story here

Want to watch the Oscars Online? This year’s Academy Awards presentation will be streamed via a collection of apps and websites, but unlike the Super Bowl ABC, the free broadcast station which will be broadcasting the event will require viewers to have a pay TV subscription in order to access the stream.

Which Pay TV Services Are Included?
Comcast, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber and AT&T U-verse in ABC’s eight Owned Station markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham and Fresno.

How do I access it?
There are a number of ways to access this service including;,, or via the WATCH ABC app, which is free on select Android devices and iOS and can be downloaded at Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, and the App Store..

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This week’s Roku Channel Review is a short one. There were only 8 new channels released. My favororite out of this batch is Newsy. It is well designed and lives up to its name. The new Study Gateway may be a real favorite for bible study fans too. Lots of information available for an affordable price. If you want to add a channel just click on the picture to the left of the description. Check it all out bellow. Stream on my friends.

Great collection of short clips produced for the Internet to catch you up on the latest current events and entertainment news. The reports pull from solid reputable websites and video sources. Reminds me a great deal of The AOL ON News Service.


Fifties TVFifties TV
Collection of grainy black and white TV shows from the 1950s. While the 1950 did give us clasicks like I Love Lucy it also gave us a lot of others. Want to see the others, you can for only .99 per month, ehhhh. Too much of this content can be found elsewhere.
TikiliveTiki Live
This is a channel with some potential though it has not yet been met. The channel allows users to check out multiple categories of video content but the only drawback is that the quality is inconsistent. Users also must register an account with the service to use the Roku Channel. Registration is free though. There is an option to start your own channel. I have not explored that but it bears further study.

Study GatewayStudy Gateway
Collection of Bible Study and Christian educational resorce videos backed by Thomas Nelson a leading religious book and Bible publisher. For 7.95 per month the service provides a decently extensive amount of content that those looking for resources in this field could really take advantage of.


Collection of beautiful screen savers for Roku. Don’t know if it is worth a monthly charge of $2.00. There are a lot of these sort of nickle and dime priced channels for Roku. The screen savers are cool though. Bright colors multiple categories. I just think a reoccurring charge is a bit much to ask when users can use Instagram and so many other sources for pretty screen savers already even great ones for one time fees.


Centenary UMCCentenary UMC
5 on demand services from Centenary United Methodist church complete with announcements. Hate to have missed that fellowship dinner. I bet they had Chicken and good pies.

Proclaiming JusticePJTN
Offers on demand and live options though there was never any live content when I checked. The programming was a bit conspiratorial and accusatory. Sort of feels like type of things you hear when you travel through the mountains. 9 on demand videos offered.
SOGR RadioSOGR Radio

This is exactly what it advertises as. It is a Gospel readio station streaming thoruhg the Roku. It plays Christian themed music live all day and night. If this is yout choice of music you will like. If this is not you will not.

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After the recent “leak” of House Of Cards Season 3 Frank Underwood fans are on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next. Netflix is fanning the flames with its roll out of the official trailer. The online Network will make its most famous property available on February 27 but until then you can can see the new House of Cards Trailer. Just a warning though while my write up did not contain any spoilers the trailer may not be so kind.

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Pay TV subscribers who live in cities with NBC owned affiliates as NBC live streaming comes to tablets and smart phones. The change will not affect all pay TV subscribers but the additional capability will be a welcome addition to those who still value live TV viewing. The numbers of people who regularly tune in to live broadcasts instead of using on demand options has been declining in recent years outside of live sports which has become more important as immediacy is key in a live competition. Finding out what happens next on Agents of Shield or Modern Family on the other hand has become far less important as binging series through Hulu Plus, Hulu or Netflix has become more common.

NFL Football not included In streaming deal but available Via Apps
The Sunday Night NFL broadcast is not included in the NBC live streaming package. But before sport fans start feeling deflated keep in mind that there is a perfectly workable solution. Using the NBC Sports Extra app, pay TV subscribers can catch NFL Football as well as NBC’s Notre Dame Football broadcast with full commentary along with multiple camera angles.