Root Android In Seconds With New Android Mach 8 Firmware

Root Android In Seconds With New Android Mach 8 Firmware

New Kodi Cloudword and Remote function complete compelling package.

The brain trust at Armada, the makers of the Mach 8 set-top boxes, Cloudword for XBMC and the Code Red Android Launcher have struck again with what could be a game-changing move. The new firmware works along with the TV centric Code Red Launcher designed from the. Along with enabling use of its new branded remote and the addition of the popular XBMC/Kodi Cloudword configuration tool, the company has released an new firmware for their Mach 8 Android boxes with a new app called Cloudword Sync. The app functions as an all in one home for updates, launching apps and adding new system configurations. It is built to bring Cloudword like functionality to the Android platform and allow users to change the look and feel of their Android experience in just a few minutes.  All they have to do is type one word.

Meet Zak

Would you like to Root Android In Seconds without downloading patches from sketchy servers?. I like to say that configuring XBMC on Armada’s Mach 8 Pure Linux is as easy as 123. That is because byCloudword Sync using third party created cloudwords, like the popular “123” option, one can add and install dozens of video players in minutes instead of hours. Now the company has rolled out a way to do the same thing except with the Android operating system. By accessing the Cloudword Sync app and using a community created Cloudword Zak123 users can add numerous new apps to their Code Red launcher and even Kodi, which comes installed on the firmware upgrade. What changes when you utilize Zak 123? The box itself will download a new package of programs and reset itself. When it wakes up users will have access Aptoide an alternative Android app store that has numerous apps that not available on the Google Play store. The configuration also includes Plex, HBO-Go, Comcast’s XFINITY app and other video players instantly. And on top of this users will also receive a more robust collection of apps in the Kodi Helix build of the Armada Blue Skin.

Cloudword for Kodi on Armada Android

Up until now only Pure Linux users had access to Cloudword on Kodi.
Up until now only Pure Linux users had access to Cloudword on Kodi.

Up until now there was a major difference in the XBMC experiecne on the companies 2 Mach 8 boxes the Armada Pure Linux and Mach 8 Android. The difference was that Pure Linux users had access to Cloudword. Cloudword allows users to configure Kodi with multiple configuration options without need to remember complicated URLs or get lost in multiple menus. It also allows users to set up cloud based backups to allow those who enjoy heavily personalizing their kodi experience to do so by typing one word to do so. Mach 8 Android users now have the same option on Kodi. This is a great addition that could really make waves going forward.

New remote functionality
Armada recently began to ship its units with a new remote that is mapped for the XBMC experience featuring helpful one button access to settings, vollume controls, page scrolling as well as standard features like a directional pad and number pad. The problem was that Android users could not utilize it. With the firmware upgrade this is a thing of the past. My favorite function of the remote whether in Android or the Pure Linux environment is the tab button which makes filling in forms so much more simple.

 Video of New Firmware in action



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