Tablo Channel Now Available In Roku Store

Tablo Channel Now Available In Roku Store

The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo, the OTA DVR from Nuvyyo made an important leap forward Wednesday when it launched an official Roku Channel. The channel is currently listed in Roku’s new channel section as well as the Movies and TV section. A private Tablo channel has been available on the Roku for some time but it required users to add the channel through its website. As of this writing the new channel looks and works the same way the original private channel did. In fact it appears that Tablo simply put the private channel through the approval process with Roku to be public channel.

Tablo Channel Now Available In Roku Store
The new public channel should not come as a surprise to those who have been following Nuvyyo as the company announced a totally redesigned Roku channel along with apps for Fire TV and the Android TV Platform at CES. It is also only natural for Nuvyyo to put the channel in the channel store so that its customers will be able to easily add it as new products like the Tablo Metro hit the market. A company representative informed me last week that the new version of the channel, which is not yet available for the public, was developed from the ground up using Bright Script which Roku uses

Screen shot from the yet to be released revamped Tablo Channel for Roku.
Screen shot from the yet to be released revamped Tablo Channel for Roku.

for its own apps instead of the standard SDK that most Roku channels including the current Tablo channel use. Having a Tablo channel in the Roku store may also create more interest in the product as potential customers stumble across the channel. We are looking forward to seeing the revamped channel in action and believe that this may well be a sign that it is on the way soon.

Can anyone use the Tablo Channel?

The Tablo channel works in tandem with the Tablo DVR units that Nuvyyo sells. When users launch the Tablo Channel it seeks out a Tablo unit on the same network as the Roku. So if a Roku owner does not actually have a Tablo unit the channel will not access anything. This is much like the Sling channel for Roku.

No Tablo app for the Fire TV or Apple TV yet
We took a look at the Fire TV and Apple TV to see if the DVR had an app available for either of the platforms and found no app as of yet. Apple TV has never been mentioned as a partner but it was certainly worth checking. Fire TV is set to get its own Tablo app soon if the January announcement is still accurate.  The Streaming Advisor Will Keep a close eye on this story.


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