Was The House Of Cards Leak Really A Mistake?

Was The House Of Cards Leak Really A Mistake?

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Was the House of Cards leak really a mistake? I am not so sure. Netflix knows its business very well. It pretty much invented streaming to a mass market. I am not at all certain that the largest streaming network in the world did not allow fans a chance to get a glimpse of Frank Underwood (no spoilers here) just to snatch Sling TV and the reporting about Popcorn Time out of the headlines. It was one of those moments that could only happen now, a twitter explosion. In a half hour Netflix grabbed attention and headlines for a show that is 15 days away from what will likely be a major event.

This summer another highly anticipated show, The Flash, was “leaked” online ahead of its official fall

Was this a cleaver response or a planned attack.
Was this a cleaver response or a planned attack?

debut. The pilot episode was available on a number of streaming sites for weeks on end creating buzz long before the show officially debuted as one of the most watched new series on the still young CW Network ever. This actually looks stunningly similar to the “leaked” Black Friday sales that magically find their way to the Internet before the day that every retailer bets the farm on.

Netflix would never admit something like this was on purpose but it had a quick and clever tie-in response on Twitter “This is Washington. There’s always a leak. All 13 episodes will launch February 27”. We will give you this one Netflix, but if we see Crazy Eyes show up ahead of schedule by mistake I’m calling New Coke on you.



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