Review of The 4K TV Box S812 TV Box

Review of The 4K TV Box S812 TV Box

The 4K TV box from RSH-TECH Company limited is a solid entry to the Android media player world. The weighty set-top box comes out of its packaging with a pre-configured build of XBMC 13.1 Gotham complete with a number of repositories installed to get new users off to a fast start. Though not very well known RSH has put together a solid product that zips through apps on the back of its quad core processor.

The system essentially has 3 interfaces. Its basic front end, XBMC and its Android desktop.

Front End Screen
The front simply could not be more straight forward. It consists of a simple menu featuring a quick

The 4k TV Box launch screen is very straight forward.
The 4k TV Box launch screen is very straight forward.

launch button for XBMC, A portal to Android applications, File Browser for accessing local and external data, the Settings Menu, Internet (a shortcut for the Firefox Browser), and Music (for locally stored music files).

Android Desktop
Like many Android based media boxes this device comes preloaded with some basic apps ahead of time though most are more suited to a tablet than a TV. In fact the Android desktop very much resembles an extreme close-up of a tablet. Users can access all of the key functions from here including again settings and XBMC along with Miracast, A media center shortcut for Airplay and DLNA settings, The Google Play Store, backup and a host of basic functions like email, music, a calculator for those late night math sessions on your TV, email access through Gmail and some of googles social apps. If one

The Android Interface feels very tablet like.
The Android Interface feels very tablet like.

chooses to this device can easily be converted for use as an Android based desktop computer. But as a media player some of these functions do not make sense.

The vast majority of current XBMC builds initially launch into the Confluence skin. The Gotham build is pre-configured with a number of add-ons and their respective repositories in place. This includes numerous music and video apps that show off the media center’s capabilities. With so much in place ahead of time, the system lends itself to a quick set-up for those who already know their way around this interface. Video and audio apps are not the only thing that comes preloaded on the box. The programs are also loaded with helpful add-ons. Outside of the preinstalled repositories though it is a clean interface with little to no pre-sets in

The 4k TV Box comes loaded with XBMC Repositories.
The 4k TV Box comes loaded with XBMC Repositories.


The remote for the 4k TV Box is very basic but features preset features. 4 colored buttons which access key functions on the device.

4k TV Box Remote
4k TV Box Remote

Red The Android Desktop
Green Recently/ currently opened apps
Yellow XBMC
Blue Main (MBOX) Settings
– Forward and Backward scrubbing buttons and volume for video and audio playback
– mouse/curser on and off buttons
– XBMC settings button
– Directional Buttons
– Pause/Play/OK (for selection)
– Home
– Refresh/back
-Number pad
– Backspace/Delete

Over all I found the 4K TV Box easy to pick up and use. Though I would recommend turning off hardware acceleration in order to avoid buffering. The system is simple to navigate from an Android perspective and the XBMC build is set up to get users operational in quick fashion.


HDMI Out           1
USB 2.0 Ports     2
Ethernet             1
AV Port               1
SD Card Slot       1
Optical Audio     1
Micro USB          1

CPU Amlogic S812 Quadcore Cortex A9r4
GPU Octo-core Mali-450MP
Flash 8GB Nand Flash
DC Input 5V 2A
OS Android 4.4 KitKat

Remote              IR

Included in Box
The 4k TV Box
1 Power Cable
1 AV Cable
IR Remote Control
2 AAA batteries


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