Oscars Replay Available on Hulu Plus

Oscars Replay Available on Hulu Plus

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I love the creativity of the movie business. Since I have been old enough to drive a dark theater whether on a crowded premier night or a nearly empty matinee has been my favorite escape. But alas other obligations called me away Sunday evening. So while I hope that you found our article on how to watch the Oscars live online helpful, but if you are like myself and did not see the event unfold you still have a chance to enjoy the show which features the witticism’s of Neil Patrick Harris, wonderful musical performances including a heartbreaking performance by Tim McGraw and all the awards that didn’t get press. You may know what won best picture if you listened to the radio morning shows or heard the gossip at work but there is plenty to take in if the Hollywood scene is your thing. After all its how many who frequent this site watch everything else. 🙂

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