Roku Channel Reviews 2-27-15

Roku Channel Reviews 2-27-15

GRRL TravelerGRRRL Travelers
Fairly extensive video blog with practical travelling advice. How to catch a bus in  country without speaking the language, Keeping money organized when you travel, How to avoid using expensive Airport Taxis. This is the kind of information that travelers really need to know ahead of time and it is not usually found on these travel sites which usually just feel like clips from a Facebook feed.


Safe TVSafe TV
This feels like a church sponsored version of PBS. The channel is a linier stream of programming featuring everything from short clips of musical and cultural performances to preachers giving sermons. The idea behind the channel, which is found on various cable outlets is to provide programming with no violence, sexual content or offensive language. It definitely delivers on that that. In general there is a heavy emphasis on churchy programming. For more perspective check the program guide here

Acolyte CinemaFun collection of pulp films organized by type, Giant Monster, Bigfoot, etc. The descriptions for the movies appear to be written by the creater of the channel as they contain humor “All that any true fan of bad cinema can ask for”. That is not exactly pulled from IMDB. This channel knows it is not offering block busters or great films but it does not try  to trick us into thinking otherwise. The approach is rather refreshing against the landscape of rehashed old movies marketed as though the are rediscovered classics.

Jungle BeatsJungle Beats
Short animated videos about animals. Not restricted to jungle animals which sort of surprised me considering the title of the channel. This is a channel that would be hard to watch over time if you are over the age of 3. Would sort of classify this as educational info for toddlers. Songs like Turtles have  a shell or tigers have stripes. Not exactly breathtaking new information for most of us but then again we are not the target audience. They could be a little less annoying though.

App UpdatesApp Updates
You know that friend who is always showing you the latest app on his or her smart phone. This channel is a lot like that. A group of videos that recommends apps across numerous subject matters. Pizza ordering apps, beauty apps, dating apps. This could be right helpful for someone looking to get more out of the super computer they keep in their pocket. If you have any of the items they feature this channel could turn out to be a great help.


Guide US TV
GuideUS TV
Muslim religious educational channel meant to inform the US population on the tenants of Islam. It does so via video shorts, presentations and clips from Muslim religious speakers. The channel is presented in a “live” stream format vs the VOD format which is commonly found on Roku channels.


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