New Roku Channel Review 3-6-2015

New Roku Channel Review 3-6-2015

This week’s list of Roku channels for the Roku Channel Review is small but solid. In fact I don’t think that there is a poor choice in the entire group. In this case it is all about preference. Take a look at what is rolling out and click on the pictures to add new channels.

Stream on my friends.

Super Starlet Movie ChannelSuper Starlet Movie Channel
collection of movies featuring a number of first major female movie stars of the “golden” age of movies. Like other channels from this producer the channel has a once a month fee. What I always worry about with channels like this one is whether the content is updated monthly or if you are paying .99 cents every month for exactly the same movie collection which is about 40 movies. Unless you are going to invest a lot of time in to checking out all of these films it may not be worth it. But it is nice to see something akin to TMC on Roku.


Air MozillaAir Mozilla
No this is not a browser for Roku. It is a collection of rather wonky seemingly private videos of Mozilla insiders discussing features of the community’s software initiatives. It is a way to get in to the head of the people behind some of the more innovative web technologies. We may have to wait a little longer before we see an actual Firefox browser on the Roku. Maybe a new model. Want to lean more about what may be coming along on the net? Give this channel a try.


Bob Johnson, the founder of BET brings a new African American based channel to Roku. While not every single one of his ideas have taken off in the market place he does have a track record for succeeding in this field. The channel showcases African American stars and collects films from a number of genres (24) including Family, Horror and Comedy etc. It is an interesting idea that may fill a major need going forward. A similar channel to take a look at would be the Real Hip Hop Network.


Cult TVCult TV A-Go-Go
This is not so much “Cult TV” as it is old TV. Some Roku channels remind me of early cable channels. Exactly how do we define cult? The channel provides a lean back experience with the promise of new content weekly. There are both Movie and TV selections along with kitchy commercials. I found the channel enjoyable in general. If it lasts it could grow into something pretty fun. There are some great old cheesy movies available including the Giant Gila Monster and the original Little Shop of Horrors.


Red Bull TVRed Bull TV
A longtime and popular private channel Redbull TV has finally decided to go Primetime on Roku. The channel has apps across the spectrum of platforms and devices and now offers its Roku channel complete with live feeds, and multiple categories of content built around extreme sports active lifestyle. On demand features are often full features not clips. I always like to see a Roku channel that has a live feed option if for nothing else other than ease of use. Worth a good look if this is your genre.



Nolly Land

Nolly Land
This is a channel filled with films focusing on African film makers and performers. African based cinema as in from the Continent of Africa has not had a major platform on Roku before. The library is extensive but a little confusing to navigate at first because the channel has category listings that roatate a set number of titles from larger sub libraries. It is when you explore the subject libraries that you get a feel for the breadth of content offered. It’s a bit expensive at 9.99 a month but worth a look.


Live Church Service Feeds

The U!details/50705/the-u

Freedom Church!details/55156/freedom-church

Oak Park Baptist Church!details/48953/oak-park-baptist-church




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