Roku Channel Review

Roku Channel Review

This is a wonderful collection of new Roku channels. Each offers something unique and in some cases there are some firsts. Live sports, scrumptious recipes, podcasts and more. As usual to add a new channel just click on its corresponding picture.

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CTennis ChannelThe Tennis Channel Everywhere
Great addition for tennis fans giving a fans access to live and archived tennis matches from major tournaments. There is also a portal to “Tennis Channel Plus” which like Watch ESPN requires customers to also be subscribers to a pay TV service that carries the Tennis Channel. Fans can subscribe to Tennis Channel Everywhere without subscribing to a full pay TV service. They just won’t be able to access “Tennis Channel Plus” Yes its really confusing. We will have a more in depth follow up soon.

Paula Deen ChannelPaula Deen Channel
Paula Deen was Americas favorite southern belle for years with her butter and lard heavy comfort food recipes, popular restaurants, best selling cook books and numerous TV appearances until controversial comments regarding race took her off of mainstream television. Deen is now on the Internet sharing the same flavors are rib sticking recipes via . 20 cooking shows, 5 lifestyle shows, 22 sections based on main dish focus Beef, Chicken etc and more. This channel has a monthly subscription but it is a substantial product.

Very nice collection of themed video collection brought to you from Discovery Networks. Instead of the reality show fare that has come to dominate the actual family of Discovery channel networks what you find here are well produced videos both fun and educational. This content feels premium and its free. The channel also provides links to other options from the networks online/Roku lineup. There are a number of choices to browse including videos that explain headlines and geopolitical issues to fun takes from Josh the Trucker.

This is a game similar to Galaga or Space invaders with a different twist. In order to shoot the bad guys at the top of the screen you have to collect their bullets they shoot at you and shoot them back. Get it? Retaliating. It is the name of the game and how you play it all at once. The free game uses the Roku remote and is both difficult and addictive. Here is a tip. The shield can be used as a bettering ram to blow up what is in front of you as well as defend. Fun to see a simple fun free game in the lineup.

Business OpportunitiesBusiness Opportunities
This is a small collection of business pitches from well-known brands as well as smaller companies to let possible investors know about what their brands are up to. A lot of people wonder what it would be like to open their own business but the truth is that it is much easier to open a franchise from a successful company. This is not an end all be all tool for future entrepreneurs but it is something that can give one an idea of some of the opportunities that are worth taking a look at. I wonder if it will ever feature The Pretzel Wagon?

This channel has a couple short segments maybe six in total spread across various categories. Most of the categories listed have a coming soon announcement once clicked. The content centers around indie music performers and their adventures on the road. What are they eating, what are they seeing? It gives you an over the shoulder sort of perspective on their worlds. This channel needs more content to fill out these categories but overall it seems like something with potential.

Diamond ClubDiamond Club
This is a gathering of video and podcasts featuring tech related topics. The podcasts are about video games, cord cutting and the internet in general. There are 7 collections of current podcasts as well as archived collections of podcasts that are not in production anymore. This is one of the largest group of podcasts I have seen in one place on Roku. Podcasts include Cordkillers, Daily Tech News Show, My So Called 8 Bit Life and Jury Talks. With such a large collection of information you can spend hours exploring it.

This channel promotes itself as a way to see what goes on at comic book conventions. There are in fact a number of panel discussions available from comic conventions featuring actors, writers and artists. There is also a really great collection of science fiction and horror movies and TV shows like Farscape, along with multiple categories. Something I was excited to see was “The Last Man on Earth” an early film adaptation of the story better known as I am Legend This is a good addition for some good time killing fare. Believe it or not I ran across an old favorite, The Greatest American Hero.

The Relax ChannelThe Relax Channel
Channel featuring selections with nature scenes and soothing music meant to relax the viewer. While there are not a tremendous amount of choices present in its listing this channel could be a nice way to mellow out at night. Some of the selections though last as long as 2 hours while some only stretch out for a couple of minutes. I recommend the longer selection. They should be more than enough time to fall asleep on a quiet evening. This seems like a nice channel for those with a Roku and TV in the bedroom. Not a bad little selection for a free channel.

Harvesters.tvHarvesters TV
Marketed as a Christian channel. The channel features programming similar to the Trinity broadcast Network complete with Christian themed films and TV shows along with straight up sermons from selected evangelists. If you are looking for a new live TV stream this channel provides one. I could not find a program lineup for the channel and its website has not been updated in years. The Roku Channel may be an attempt to put the channel back on the air in some form. We will look in to this for the future.

Las Vegas ChannelThe Las Vegas Channel
The Las Vegas Channel has a small collection of videos featuring some of the sights to see in the city of sin. It features restaurants, area thrill rides and some of the cool things you can watch like the famous Bellagio fountains and the Freemont street experience. It is hardly an in depth guide for travelling to Las Vegas but it is a good way to get a feel for some of the activities. The buffet tours are fun. Having seen this stuff first hand I think they left some things out but it appears the content is user submitted so you get whatever people happened to film.

Movie Loft 360The Movie Loft
This is a fun resource that Roku users or anyone with an on demand app can use to find out which new movies are on the way for on-demand viewing. While the channel is not expressly centered around Roku users it answers the question what’s new? Each film gets its own HBO behind the scenes treatment with insight from directors, producers and actors. This one is a big winner for movie fans. Once you see what arriving you can then look for it with the Roku search and see who has it cheapest.

Small and random group of titles. Can’t quite figure out what is going with the selection. There are some notable titles like Mohagany the well known Diana Ross Film from the 1970’s that featured chart topper Do You Know Where You’re Going To. Otherwise there are three short indie films tha last about 40 minutes. There is also a group of on descript documentaries. The doc titles are strong and feature Born into Brothels and this History Channel’s The Dark Ages but currently there are only 8.

Live Church Channels

Hilltop Country Church!details/55947/hilltop-country-church

The Crossing TV!details/55674/


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