How to Watch The NCAA Tournament Online For Free Without Cable Watch...

How to Watch The NCAA Tournament Online For Free Without Cable Watch From Outside the US Too

Online services open the game up across the world

Ryan Michael Downey

NCAA LogoDo you want to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament online without a cable subscription? You can with USTV Now. The service uses sling technology to send American network television around the world and the US via the Internet. USTV now users will be able to watch every game broadcast by CBS anywhere in the world.  Users outside of the United States can also fill out their brackets in real time. Unlike the Olympics and World Cup, college basketball is not a major draw overseas. This story will tell you how to watch all of the games from the CBS feed on a computer and how enjoy March Madness via a private channel for the Roku.

US TV Now Grid
USTV Now grid. (Click for Larger Image)

Instructions For Signing up for USTV Now
1. First go to the USTV Now website
2. Select sign up either in the upper right hand corner or on the bottom left of the page
3. Select Free Plan
4. Follow the directions according to the instructions (To keep USTV Now from accessing your Facebook click the x in the corner of the Facebook picture and select clear form and fill the form manually.
5.confirm the email activation

Roku Owners 45 day Trial
Roku owners can add a USTV Now private channel by clicking here. For the Streaming Advisor’s guide to installing private channels click here. If you are not signed in to your Roku account sign in with your email and password and click yes to add the USTV Now private channel. Once the channel is installed, which will require you to power down your Roku and plug it back in or use the “update my channels” app, Roku will provide a link code. Last step: go to the URL provided by Roku to link the account or click here. Enter your credentials and you are set. It sounds more complicated than it is. Roku users will have 45 days to enjoy the major networks on a Roku for free. After 45 days (long after the Final Four) the service will require that users sign up for one of its pay options in order to continue watching via the Roku. Even after the trial ends the service can still be accessed via a computer.

Watching on other Devices
Computer users can access the service from its website and watch from a laptop or desktop computer as well as attach a computer to an HDTV with an HDMI cord, provided the set and laptop both have HDMI ports. When on the site sign in and click the appropriate selection in its grid as seen in the above pic. Once a selection is made the program should start in the USTV Now window. There is a choice to enlarge the feed. US TV Now is also viewable on iPad and other IOS devices and can be mirrored to Apple TV. Chromecast owners can take advantage of Chrome mirroring in the same fashion and watch the games on the big screen wirelessly.


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